It hasn’t been a good raw food day.

Well, I can’t really say that. There just hasn’t been a lot of it.

I woke about 5:30 this morning but stayed in bed until the alarm went off at 5:55. I did all of my exercise routine except for the NT and HR.


7 ozzies OJ
5 Ataulfo mangos blended with 16 ozzies OJ (talk about yummy!)

34 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
1 pickling cucumber

2.5 quarts watermelon

All this week, I’m the bank and post office person which is fine with me. I was out of bananas (I threw the last five overripe ones away this morning) so I stopped at one store and paid 83 cents for four speckled bananas (1.58 lubs). I figured I’d at least have enough for lunch if the other store didn’t have any ripe ones. The other one did, so I bought 3.46 lubs for 71 cents. As my mother would have said, including tax.

It was a pretty busy day. I never did get outside to walk.

When I got home, the replacement DVR was on the steps leading to the front door. I hate it when UPS leaves packages like that but no one tried to rip it off.

I figured it would be a project to get the thing set up. I wisely decided to eat something first. I had a little over a quart of watermelon.

The directions to swap the DVRs out didn’t match the model I have. It was hard to get the plug through the shelf but I finally managed it. I got everything taken apart and set the new one in place. To begin with, the directions said to put the return authorization number on a note on the old one and I didn’t have one. I called and got one. Fortunately, I got through to someone almost immediately. Then it was back to setting up. I had to go through all sorts of gyrations and was in the middle of trying to get the signals to lock when the phone rang. It was my sister, updating me on my BIL’s condition. We talked for about 20 minutes away from the racket that the DVR was making. By the time we hung up and I got back to the living room, there was a message on the screen that it was updating and I wasn’t to touch a thing. The directions said I would get some kind of notice and then it would briefly go to the network. It didn’t. It just went off. I thought, “Wonderful! I’m going to have to put the old one back.” I pushed the power button and there was yet another message saying I was to call Dish for authorization so I did. I told the nice man what was going on and he assured me that all was well and he authorized it. To make a long story short, I got everything set up, the old one in the box and into the car, and it’s good to go.

I called my friend in the rehab center and let her know there isn’t going to be a church service next Sabbath due to campmeeting. She had been planning to come and was glad to know. She was watching one of the movies I’d taken her and wanted to get back to it.

I’d finished the best watermelon I’ve had for a long time and got another one out of the fridge. I noticed there was a soft spot on it. Not wanting to toss it without seeing if I could salvage it, I put it in the sink, washed it off with Veggie Wash, and cut into it. It was so rotten the juice poured out of it and down the drain. Thank goodness, I’m in the habit of keeping the mess in the sink! I picked it up and carried it outside, dripping juice on my feet and shoes (not to worry–my shoes are washable) and it’s compost. I had another melon in the other fridge so I got it and it was as good as that one was bad.

After everything was over and done, it was after 8 and I was forced to quit eating. I’m still hungry but it’s almost 10:30 now. I’ll drink some water and go to bed.

Good night!

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