I’ve been working on another line of stuff on CafePress.

I finally had to give it up and sign out for tonight. It’s agonizingly slow with this !@#$%^& dialup and I don’t use that kind of language.

It was 12:34 when I turned the light off this morning. I lay in bed until 8 after I woke at 7:30.

I did all of my exercises (about an hour’s worth) and went outside for a half hour in the sun before I had my brunch/lunch.


7 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies OJ/strawberry smoothie (16 ozzies each)

40 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie

About 1 quart watermelon
Half an average cantaloupe (very good and sweet)
3 large tomato salsa with cucumber and avocado (some of the best I’ve ever made)

Today was telephone day. My next to oldest sister had called just as I was getting in the shower and said she’d give me five minutes to call her back before she called my oldest sister. At that time, I was hot and sweaty and hadn’t had brunch yet so I elected for the latter. I tried to call when I had eaten but the answering machine picked up.

My BIL in the Great Northwest is in the hospital with pneumonia, pleurisy, and an inability to walk well. He is diabetic and the poor circulation in his feet has made it very painful to walk so he avoided it to the point he is going to have to have physical therapy to strengthen his legs. I had an e-mail from my sister this morning, updating me on his condition. She said she would be home much of the day. She’d called yesterday and left a message on CallWave but I got an e-mail from her shortly saying she was going to take a nap so I aborted my plan to call her back. When I called her this morning, I had 128 minutes and we talked and laughed for 124 of them. It was good to hear her voice and we never lacked for something to say. My BIL is a retired MD and is being as non-compliant as anyone can be. My sister said he wouldn’t have tolerated that in his patients. If he doesn’t have to go to an inpatient rehab facility (skilled nursing) he should be home mid-week.

When I got back online, I saw my daughter had been trying to call me so I called her back. If I pay for the call, it uses my minutes. She has flat-rate long distance so she’ll call me back and it only costs me for one minute. With OneSuite, it’s 2.9 cents a minute since I have to dial a toll-free number. If there were a local number, it would be 2.5 cents a minute. We visited for a little over an hour. For 34 minutes of that, I was sunning again. My SIL has been hired full-time at the company he started with as an intern a few months ago. He’d been working on contract for some of that time. That was good news.

And now for a grandcat story. My SIL had bought him an automatic feeder that would dispense food at designated times. The cat had learned to either make it dispense more or more often. I didn’t quite get that part. Not to be outdone, my SIL built a contraption that elevated it to the point that the cat doesn’t have as easy access to it and the food has farther to travel. My SIL videoed it in action. I hope he posts it on YouTube.

I was in the process of making the salsa when my sister called and left another message. This time, I called her back and was able to continue with my prep and talk to her on speakerphone. We only put in about 20 minutes so that was the shortest conversation of the day. We may not see each other this trip but she’ll be coming back soon for her class reunion which is a yearly event.

Last night, I forgot something that happened yesterday. A man came up to me at church and told me he’d met my brother-in-law last week. He said he was a great big fellow. I had my sister’s husband on the brain and I knew it couldn’t be him. I was fairly certain it wasn’t my other sister’s husband because he was in NC and he isn’t “great big”. I asked what his name was and he couldn’t quite remember. Since my son is rather large and lives in the area, I said his name and he said, “Yes! That was it!” I told him that wasn’t my BIL, it was my son. He gave me a funny look and I repeated that it was my son. Yesterday afternoon, it hit me that he had, in fact, seen my husband’s brother. He has at least 15 years on me and weighs ‘way up there. He’s so large, he has to use a Jazzy to get around. I was laying in the sun at the time and started laughing. I shook and laughed until I could have probably counted it as exercise. I’ll bet that man thinks I’m the youngest looking mother he’s ever seen!

Tomorrow is another at-home day. I may or I may not go to town to get some things. I haven’t decided yet. I plan to go to the Asian market on Thursday and I’ll be able to make do with what I have until then so I’ll probably stay home. Gas prices are getting to be ridiculous. I’m trying not to make any unnecessary trips. The last time I filled up, it was $2.999. The man told me I was lucky to hit it when I did because the pump people were coming that night to install new gears so he could go over $3. I haven’t had to go back since then but it cost $30 to fill my little Honda Civic’s tank as it was.

We’re having a discussion about the sustainability of the raw food lifestyle on the forum. Only thing I know is, I would have a very hard time going back to eating cooked.

If I don’t get to bed soon, it will be tomorrow again. Good night!

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