I’ve been moving and merging tonight.

Since I don’t have a moderator to do it, I’ve taken on the task myself. It bugs me to have things so obviously in the wrong places.

I was up in time to put in a half hour exercise. I think I was able to get to 82 seconds with my pushup but it might have just been 72. I didn’t write it down.


16 ozzies grapefruit juice
34 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

36 ozzies banana/salad mix smoothie
4 Ataulfo mangos
1 pickling cucumber.

An almost perfect young coconut (I ate all the meat)
3 quarts watermelon
Huge salad of romaine, green curly leaf, red onion, dressed with Matt’s Dip
A couple bites of kim chee

I got to work late. It was a choice of getting there on time or getting dressed so I chose the latter.

The day was beautiful, gorgeous. I got out for 15 minutes both morning and afternoon to walk.

I didn’t try to eat lunch outside. It was a little on the hot side at 12:40 when I finally got away from the office. I ate in the break room. There was a new employee at the table. She wasn’t familiar with my green smoothies. She pointed at the blender container (practically empty) and asked, “What’s THAT?” I told her it used to be a green smoothie–bananas and salad mix. She made a face and proceeded to eat her turkey and cheese sandwich on squishy pumpernickel rye bread. It didn’t look appetizing at all. I could have made a face at it but I didn’t. I shared a piece of my mango with one of the Lunch Bunch. She approved.

I tried to call My Farmer today but got the answering machine. She, I think, tried to call me back but I was unavailable when she did. I’ll get in touch with her tomorrow.

On my way through the lobby, I saw a mother and daughter I know. First, the mother asked if I were still eating raw food. Well, YES! Then she announced she’d just had her 33rd birthday and said she’s getting old. I told her I saw 33 30 years ago. She asked her daughter if I looked that old and she said no (of course–she wouldn’t say yes in front of me). I said, “You’re only as old as you feel.” A man sitting there groaned. I’d guess him to be my age or maybe younger but he obviously felt like he was 102.

After work, I stopped and got some totally unnecessary bananas. I knew I had some here but I didn’t remember how many. I’m stocked for awhile.

Up on top of the mountain, I went to the roadside market and got romaine and two green curly leaf plus some other things. It took all of the first two to make a salad. There was lots of waste. I think I’ll be buying somewhere else until they get some fresh in.

And now, for a Pet Peeve. It goes all over me when someone is talking about the future and how they want to be in “fairly good health”. That is so selling themselves short. I don’t want to settle. I won’t settle. I want robust health. I want to be wonderfully healthy. I want to have as nearly perfect health as I can. Anything less won’t be acceptable.

I haven’t gotten the picture uploaded for the new line of apparel and I’m going to bed. Good night.

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