I had weird dreams last night.

I don’t remember much about what they were, only they were strange. My son, Tony, made an appearance. I do remember that.

I woke a little after six but I decided it was too early to get up when I didn’t have to so I went back to sleep. It was 8:45 when I woke and I was horrified. I made it out of bed very quickly.


26 ozzies grapefruit juice

A young coconut (I ate less than half of the meat and put the rest in the freezer)
Part of a really good honeydew–probably about a cup and a half
3 quarts watermelon
4 tomatoes with Tajin
A head of iceberg lettuce with Matt’s Dip
A few cauliflower florets with the same

I had closed most of the windows last night and brought the basil in for good measure. Turns out I didn’t need to do the latter since the low was 44 degrees F. It took precious time to take them back out to the sunshine, too. I’m leaving them outside tonight and hoping for the best.

Church was pretty short today. The speaker was one of the ladies. Her husband was supposed to be part of the team but he stayed home with their ailing daughter. I’d forgotten something in the car and by the time I got back, she talked a little longer and then announced the closing song. I stayed after and visited with some of the other members but I still got home earlier than usual.

I had my young coconut and then went out for half an hour in the sun. It was in the low 70’s with a light wind blowing but it was very pleasant.

When I came back in, I launched into eating in earnest.

Other than that and catching up, somewhat, on the forum, it’s been a quiet afternoon with lots of relaxing. Nice!

Tonight, I got a couple of bags of coconut out of the freezer and it’s in the dehydrator. I’m turning it into “bacon“. Twinkle about lost it over the torula yeast smell.

Better close this down and get to bed. Good night!

2 Responses to I had weird dreams last night.

  1. Jacquie May 19, 2007 at 11:50 pm #

    I can’t even remember how I found your site, I’ve looked at so many since starting on this RAW adventure! I just wanted to say I like your site, and CONGRATULATIONS on your lifestyle change! Your photos are truly inspiring. I’ve only just begun this journey but am really excited and looking forward to the challenge of becoming healthier! Best regards, Jacquie

  2. Tommie May 20, 2007 at 12:01 pm #

    It doesn’t matter how you found me, you found me! And the forum–I noticed you have joined there and started posting. That’s great! There’s a wonderful group of people there who all have the same goal–100% raw vegan. And if you do it right, eating raw isn’t a challenge. It will be the most exciting thing you’ve ever done for your body! Have you noticed we use a lot of exclamation marks?! It’s totally appropriate when talking about raw food and what it does for/to us! 😀

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