Four more hours to work this week

and then I’m off until Monday! Now I remember why I liked to work Sundays. Since I’m the supervisor, though, my boss wanted me available five days a week, 8-4. This turned out to be a have-to thing and she has approved my day and a half.

I was up before dawn this morning. It was vision therapy day but I had to get to work two hours earlier than usual. It went by the wayside. As did any kind of exercise.


24 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

An unknown quantity of banana/raspberry/romaine smoothie (at least as much as breakfast and probably more)

2.5 quarts watermelon
1 young coconut
1.5 quarts gazpacho
Several pieces of pineapple
A small ear of corn

It took me until after 9 o’clock to finish my OJ and until 11:30 to drink all of my smoothie. Patients were coming in the door in a steady stream. I keep thinking about 8-12 tomorrow!

When the next registrar got there, I ducked out for a 15 minute break. That’s the second one I’d had since this week started. I basked in the sun. I could have easily dozed off but I made sure I didn’t.

On the way to the mountain, I stopped by the roadside stand in town and did my shopping.

I’d been unable to get the oil changed in my car for ‘way too long. I’d made an appointment and took care of it this afternoon. The lady and co-owner of the station and I had a nice visit while I waited. It was done in short order and I headed for home.

Once inside, I was greeted by an invasion of ants. I sprayed everything down with peroxide and water and I hope that discourages them. I hadn’t left any “varge” in the house that would attract them. I do get them every spring but I was hoping they’d forget me this year. Maybe they like raw food, too.

Twinkle needs to be fed and I’m going to fly up soon. Tomorrow is going to be a long day in spite of my getting off early. I plan to do my grocery shopping. I’ll need to pack a lunch as well as have breakfast.

Good night and sleep well!

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