Rain threatened to come down but it never did, really.

This morning’s exercise went through the 60 second pushup and no further. If I get much past 7 am, I end up being late for work.


26 ozzies grapefruit juice
A scant 32 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothie (really tasty)

The other half honeydew

36 ozzies banana/pear/romaine smoothie
5 Campari tomatoes
1 pickling cucumber
5 nice homegrown strawberries

Half the big little watermelon
4 mango/two tomato Fred’s Mom’s Salad
Half an avocado eaten out of the shell with a spoon


I hadn’t taken my shoes because it was supposed to rain. I did go and sit on the patio for 15 minutes this morning and 15 this afternoon. I was going to have a picnic but when I got there and settled, it started sprinkling enough to make me think it was going to do something. I went to the break room. That was how I ended up with the strawberries. One of the Lunch Bunch had them, offered me some so I took one. She ate all she wanted and gave me the rest. They were good and sweet.

The last of the orientation sessions were over today. I made my contribution by making certificates for the nursing staff for some of the specialized training. There are sheets of heavy yellowish paper in the ED forms that would be discarded, otherwise, but we save them and I use them for such things. They sometimes get wrinkled. No need to toss those. My laser printer “irons” them and they come out nice and smooth.

I must confess I forgot my purse again. I leave my glasses at work during the week. I didn’t have to come home and get anything. One of the girls told me I should put my car keys with my purse. That way, I’ll have to at least see it before I walk out the door. That’s where they are. We’ll see if it works. I’ve been known to put something in front of the door so I wouldn’t forget it and I’ll move it and leave it behind, anyway. I borrowed $3.50 out of the Hot Tamale fund (the candy kind) and was going to get some bananas if they were ripe but they weren’t. I’ll have the money to take and put back in the little flower pot.

Speaking of flower pots, one of the registrars brought me some mint she promised me. I didn’t have enough dirt to plant it. I watered it well and set it on the front steps. I’ll have to remember to get some tomorrow. I’m afraid to set it out in the ground because my neighbor isn’t too discerning when it comes to mowing. Besides, if I put it in a planter, I can bring it inside next winter.

It’s been a long time since I’ve caught up on some of the forum topics. I took a look at the “laughter” thread and found a link to this:

Cartoon created by Mike Adams www.NewsTarget.com

I thought that was pretty good and all too true. It is so true, it isn’t really funny. Makes me glad my daughter educated me about eating raw food.

Twinkle’s food is supposed to get here tomorrow. Last time I checked, it was on its way and on time. I have to let her get about out to make sure I have freezer space. Gets a little “iffy” at times. She has enough for a couple more days.

I’m going to get to bed almost on time tonight. It’s 10:07. Good night and sleep tight!

2 Responses to Rain threatened to come down but it never did, really.

  1. Raw Carol May 22, 2007 at 6:50 am #

    Is your daughter (the one that educated your about raw food) still eating some raw food… why is she not sticking up for you and helping you on your way if she is the one that started it?

  2. Tommie May 22, 2007 at 11:36 pm #

    She lives in New York and I live in Tennessee. Pretty far apart. She’s very supportive and still eats a lot of raw. I don’t know what percentage. I was never very good at figuring anything less than 100% out. As for needing help, I don’t. I generally help other people now. I’m still transitioning to 80/10/10 but I don’t have any problem at all eating raw.

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