It was another hot day today.

I was up in time to do my vision therapy. Every bit of it. No shaving off minutes.


27 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/romaine/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie

36 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
1 pear
1 mango (not too swift)

Half a honeydew
Half a large small watermelon
4 tomatoes with Tajin
Kim chee
A little eggplant “bacon”

I had every intention not to eat salt today but the watermelon was so tasteless that I succumbed. I’m weak.

Back to this morning. The weather was nice and reasonable for walking but I had to stay inside. I worked the front window so the person who was left with me was free to go back to the Emergency Department whenever she was needed to register a patient. I stayed there until after 2 when the second shift person came in.

My former boss called me from the Mother Ship. She keeps threatening to come see us but I’ve heard it so much that I don’t believe it any more. We were supposed to go to a national conference but neither one of us can make it. I’m about to the point that I’m conferenced out, anyway.

I’ve had three phone calls this evening. One was a concern wanting to sell me something, another was a recorded pitch for lowering my interest rate if I have at least $2500 in credit card debt, and the third was my friend in the rehab center. She is doing very well after the adventure we had on Friday. She’d slept all day on Sabbath and half the day Sunday. Her physical therapy is progressing to more standing and walking and she’s able to stand for longer periods of time without her walker. Another three to four weeks should see her out of there. Someone has given her some clothes that are too small for her. She’s going to save them so I can see if I can wear them. They still have tags on them. She hesitated to tell me about them but I’m not proud. If I can wear clothes from eBay, I can wear them. The only thing would be if they are too big. At least one of them is a 10. We visited for well over a half hour. I told her I was wondering what to put in the frame she gave me and she suggested a picture of my daughter and her husband. Her daughter and my daughter share the same name. I’ll have to see what I can do.

I still haven’t turned on the a/c. The thermometer says it got up to 84 in the house today. It’s fairly dry (we desperately need rain) which makes the heat more bearable.

One of the girls at work brought me a piece of a Christmas cactus since hers had fallen and broken into several pieces. I googled it and came up with this. I have it in a pot.

A member from the forum was telling me she had saved some seed from an amazing volunteer tomato plant but none of them had germinated. I googled that, too, and found out some interesting things. I’ve migrated away from it but you can click here to find more info and the link.

With that, I’m going to turn in. It’s still 70 degrees in the valley. It’s 65.5 here. I hope the bedroom is cooler than the 83 the thermometer in here is saying.

Good night!

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