It was another beautiful, hot day.

I was up before the alarm went off by just a few minutes. I did all of my exercises except for the HR and NT. I pooped out on the pushup after little more than half a minute. Embarrassing.


26 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie

Lots of banana/romaine smoothie (I didn’t look to see how much but it was more than a quart)
4 Thai bananas

When I got home, I sampled the Eggplant Bacoroonie and I shouldn’t have done that. It’s quite oily and I topped it off with:
Half a large cantaloupe

A huge salad of romaine, cucumber, Campari tomatoes, sweet onion, parsley, dressed with mango/tomato dressing
More Eggplant stuff

I had planned on having a durian pod but thought better of it.

I’m getting ahead of myself but that gets all the food out of the way.

I was late getting to work because I ordered Twinkle’s food and it’s achingly slow on dialup. She’s down to just enough for this week and they ship raw food only on Tuesdays, I think. She may have to eat food she doesn’t like (turkey) but she’d eat sawdust if it were mixed with torula yeast.

It was so busy I didn’t get to go out and walk except for running back and forth between buildings.

One of my co-workers wanted me to bring my gift so she could see what I got from the Mother Ship. She came in and inspected and approved everything. A Lunch Bunch member has been there five years longer than I have and she was wondering what she’d get. I told her she’d get a clock, that everyone got a clock. She said she didn’t want a clock, that she has four or five clocks. A plan began to form… 🙄

Between meetings with people about clinic details, I sleuthed around and found the ugliest clock possible. I took it to the person who will be presenting the real clock and she made labels to go on it that read something like, “For 25 years of outstanding service” “Presented to” and then the person’s name. I used the gift box and cellophane that mine had come in and wrapped it up so it looked official. She called the unsuspecting victim and told her she had a special gift for her and to come to her office. I sat over to one side so I could observe the goings on. Vic came in the door and saw the package. She excitedly went over and then stopped dead still. We were about to lose it. Then she started laughing, turned around and yelled, “TOMMIE!” She was told she could take it home and show it to her husband but she’d have to bring it back so we could return it to its rightful owner. A bright spot in an otherwise busy day.

I’d had to be the post office/bank person today and I got away to take the mail later than usual. I had hoped to get the oil changed in my car but I never got around to calling the station. When I went to the bank, I’d stopped by the parts place and got a washer. The man was going to give it to me. I jokingly said, “If you’re going to give me one, give me a half dozen.” He went to the back and brought out five. I tried to pay him for them but he said, “Just buy something when you come in next time.” That’s the second time I’ve ever been in there. If I have need, though, that’s where I’ll go.

It’s almost hot enough in the house for the a/c but I’m trying to keep my usage down. I’ll open my bedroom window.

Better hang this up for tonight and go to bed. Good night!

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