If you’re looking for yesterday, I updated that earlier.

It was so nice to sleep as long as I wanted this morning. I got up a little after 8.


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies strawberry/OJ smoothie
8 ozzies OJ
Kim chee

A small watermelon (better than most)
A YOUNG coconut, very spoonable

Salsa with cucumber and avocado (it was a little heavy on SOMETHING so I added more tomatoes and have enough for tomorrow) (I didn’t add the cucumber and avo until after I’d sampled and divided it)
A big REAL salad of romaine, 19 (count ’em) grape tomatoes, a whole cucumber, 1/4 sweet onion, dressed with cashew dressing (I know I’ll pay for that later) I wasn’t able to finish all the salad. Left were maybe two tablespoons of lettuce and onion plus I didn’t eat all the dressing.

This weekend is the church campout and I elected not to go. I could have had a cabin big enough to sleep six all to myself for $20 for the whole time with electricity but no plumbing. Being a raw foodist, I need my facilities. Plus, it’s been very cool last night and today. The low this morning was 41. The campground is down this mountain, across the valley, and on top of the next mountain to the North. I’m sure it got colder there. I don’t think so. I took the day for a veg out day. I didn’t go anywhere and I didn’t do a whole lot of anything. I’d hoped it would be warm enough to get some sun but the cool temps were topped off by a pretty good breeze that would escalate to a wind every now and then. Clouds would drift by and shut out the sun, too. Maybe tomorrow…

One of my good friends from work called to see how it had gone yesterday and I regaled her with the account of the hits and misses.

It just occurred to me that I could have listened to the service from the university church but I didn’t think about it this morning. I listened to the full Sabbath School lesson discussion from PineKnoll. I’d listened to it, piecemeal, through the week but it’s better all at once.

So…other than eating, reading, catching up on the forum, and posting about yesterday, that’s about been my day.

I’m going to bed soon so good night and sweet dreams!

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