It was a beautiful Sabbath day in the neighborhood.

Happy birthday to my youngest! She’s 29 today! I slept until about 7:30.


27 ozzies grapefruit juice

Most of a small watermelon (I had to trim off some overripe spots.)

A young coconut
3 Ataulfo mangos
5 tomatoes with Tajin
Kim chee
2 bites freeze dried durian (I could have eaten the whole package but I stopped myself.)
A huge salad of romaine, tomato, avocado, with cucumber and red onion that had been marinated in EVOO, lime juice, onion powder, garlic powder, agave nectar, and sea salt
17 ozzies OJ

I was the first one to the church who had a key. It didn’t occur to me that all these people waiting outside weren’t simply enjoying the sunshine.

I’d worn something warm because I figured there would be a man in the crowd and the a/c would be blasting. For a wonder, it wasn’t. However, one of the men opened the doors but it was okay since the outside was warmer than the inside. Then here came one of the women. She closed the doors and turned up the heat. Between Sabbath School and church, I went out for a few minutes and got in the sun.

When I went back to the porch, I saw one of my daughter’s classmates from when she was in grade school. She hugged me and enjoyed the warmth. She asked me if I still work at the hospital. I told her yes, that I would be going to a banquet next Friday to celebrated my 20 years there. She asked when I plan to retire. I said I’d be able to do that in three years at age 66 since that’s when I can draw full benefits from Social Security. Her eyes got big and she said, “How can you be 63? How can you be 63?” I shrugged and said, “I guess being born in 1944 would have a lot to do with it.” She thought I was her mother’s age. Her mother is considerably younger than I am.

Church was a casual affair. There was only about 1/3 the number that’s usually there. This was Pathfinder Camporee weekend so most of the kids were gone and a lot of the adults went along to supervise them. They are having good weather. When my daughter was in Pathfinders, they hardly knew how to camp if it wasn’t raining. She definitely learned how to function in not too ideal conditions.

One of the ladies stopped me to tell me about her new job. Another one came up (they are both in the nursing field) and joined in. I don’t remember how it came up, but something was said about getting older and the first one kept saying, “You’ve turned back the clock!” I haven’t done anything that isn’t available to everyone. I’m just willing to do it. There aren’t many of us yet that are turning to raw food, but our number is growing.

After I got home and ate my watermelon, I lay in the sun for half an hour. I came in and called to wish my daughter a happy birthday. We talked for a little over half an hour.

That’s when I started in on my serious eating for today and the rest is history. Plus I’ve had a couple more bites of durian and I’m ready to do my evening routine and go to bed.

Good night!

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