I’ve gotten seriously sidetracked.

I won’t make it to bed on time tonight! It wasn’t much past 10 last night and it felt so good! So good, in fact, that I overslept. This was supposed to be vision therapy morning but it wasn’t to be. I didn’t get up until almost 6:30 and that’s when I have to start on it if I’m going to get through by 7.


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
40 ozzies banana/pear/spinach smoothie

3 persimmons

32 ozzies banana/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie
2 kiwifruit
3 mangos

The best little watermelon yet–the whole thing!
A really good young coconut
3 tomato salsa with cucumber and half an avocado
A few pieces of eggplant

It rained and rained and rained today. I didn’t get outside at all except to walk between the car and the hospital and back again. There was no need for me to go to the bank or the p.o., either. I can’t complain about the rain. We desperately need it.

At lunch, we got to talking about heaven and what it’s going to be like. I said I want a house made of fruit trees. One of the girls said that our place is being prepared for us. I know it is, but I’d like to think that I can have a little space in the country for a “vacation” spot. The other person said that she thinks that heaven is where we can have our hearts’ desires.

My favorite roadside stand person called me to let me know she has organic carrots. I don’t use many. I had to tell her I don’t need them. I do need tomatoes and oranges, though, and watermelons. I told her I would stop by to pick them up this afternoon. She called back to let me know that the oranges wouldn’t be there until tomorrow. I think she misunderstood when I said that was fine. When I stopped to get the other things, they were closed. I’ll call her tomorrow and have her put one of the melons in the cooler for me.

AT&T called about my telephone service while I was eating supper and I was gearing up to order DSL (yeah, right!) when we got cut off. Guess when she saw that I only had unlimited local calling and call forwarding on busy, there wasn’t much use to try to get me to buy into some huge package.

I seldom flip through the channels but I was doing just that this evening. I came across a program on PBS “Fat: What No One is Telling Us”. On the local channel, there was a panel of physicians, fitness experts, nutritionists, etc. They were taking questions so I called in. I asked for opinions on eating raw food but, guess what??? They didn’t get around to it. Imagine that! The program is currently talking about keeping weight off being a lifelong struggle. It is, if you just try to cut down or modify the cooked food that’s eaten. Eating raw food is satisfying, builds health, and it’s fun! There’s nothing like finding a new fruit or veggie and trying it for the first time. And people talk about how bored they’d get with it! You’ve gotta be kidding!

One of the girls on the forum is sending me the rest of a package of freeze dried durian that she bought and didn’t like. I’ve already PayPal’ed the postage to her.

It’s past my bedtime by a half hour. I’m quitting this for tonight. Same time, same web site. G’night, mates!

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