Guess I’m dead.

I e-mailed a friend that I was going to get to bed on time tonight if it killed me and it’s already past 10. For the first time in months, I took a nap for over an hour and a half. I was dozing while I was sitting in my mother’s chair with my feet up. Since that indicates sleep deprivation, I decided I’d do it right so I went to bed.

I got up about 7:45 this morning. That is late for me but I got to church on time.


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
36 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

32 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie
A very young coconut
2 persimmons
Zucchini pasta with 1/2 recipe Magic Tomato Sauce
3 tomatoes with Tajin

Small Fred’s Mom’s Salad (3 Ataulfo mangos, 1 tomato, a tablespoonful red onion chopped fine, and cilantro)
1 persimmon
Kim chee
Bacon “bits” (they are more like rounds than bits and very chewy) (they grow on you)
Coconut bacon

It was 19 this morning. Cold! I was glad I’d turned the heat on in the church. I dressed for the weather and not for what this time of the year is supposed to be. I wore a sweater my mother had given me many years ago and was quite comfortable.

The pastor was under the weather so his wife filled in for him. It was a good message and the song went okay with few mistakes. She changed the closing song so I had to fumble for it when I got up front. I had the hymnal open to the song that was printed in the bulletin. I opened right to the new one so it wasn’t too much of an effort.

One of my friends sent me a link this evening that led me to this. It’s my SIL when he was a student in Spain the year my daughter was there. They didn’t become friends until later. It’s a neat video and very well done. I was able to watch it after I’d started it loading and just let it go for about half an hour. Then I clicked on Watch Again and I was able to see it all the way through. I posted a link on the forum so the members can see who the Forum Guru is.

I didn’t go see my friend in the rehab center today. She had said she would call me but she didn’t. I needed to just sort of veg out anyway.

Tomorrow is my day to get my taxes out of the way. I have all my materials together to do them. It’s a dreaded job that doesn’t take long but I just hate to do it. I think a lot of people are able to relate.

That’s been my day. Not much to report. I’ve eaten 100% raw food, though not all of it was optimal. Even though I napped, I’m sleepy so I’m going to fly up per Mother.

Good night!

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