Today was cold. This morning’s low temp was 28.

It’s not at all comforting to be on the inside in the warm looking out at the fruit trees in full bloom in the killing cold. I do hope that they are far enough along that it won’t completely wipe them out.

I was up in time to get in a full 30 minutes of exercise.

Food for today:

28 ozzies of grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie

A juicy pear
2 kiwifruit

40 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie
2 Ataulfo mangos

Half a small watermelon
40+ ozzies gazpacho with a pickling cucumber, grape tomatoes, and a small avocado

I’m still very full. I wouldn’t say I’m stuffed but I don’t think I need another bite.

My neighbors on the upper side had a huge yard sale set up. I would have hated to be outside all day trying to sell stuff.

The wind blew hard and it felt like it was coming right off the North Pole. I didn’t attempt any walking. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a wuss.

Day 5 of Patient Access Week was supposed to be a covered dish lunch. I found out yesterday that no one was participating. That was fine with me. The food would have been for them because I’m sure all of it would have been cooked and/or meat. I was planning to take a large fruit salad but I was just as happy not to. I gave them their choice of color of the contents of the bags and everyone seemed pleased. There’s one left to give and she gets what’s left over.

My friend in the rehab center called today. She was disappointed that no one had come to see her last weekend. She’d said her family was coming and I shouldn’t so I’d gone by her wishes. Turns out her family didn’t show up and she felt ignored. I wouldn’t have been able to go, anyway, since my family did show up. She said she’d call me tomorrow. She’s done something to one of her hips and had to be x-rayed. The tech said it looked fine but she’s waiting to hear from the radiologist. So…I don’t know if I’ll be going down there tomorrow or not. Guess I’ll just hide and watch.

I stopped by the roadside stand on the way through town but they had just finished packing up everything. I waved and went on.

Since winter has hit again, I went into the church and turned up the heat. I set up the organ and ran through the song that isn’t as familiar to me as some of them are. It’s written in sharps so I’m prepared to play it either the way it’s written or in flats, depending on who the pianist is. My mother preferred sharps. She thought they had a brighter sound.

It was on home and I was surprised to find the house warm. I’d failed to turn the furnace down this morning but I did remember to douse the gas logs.

The eggplant was ready to turn and I’m glad I cut down on the EVOO. Next time, I think I’ll eliminate it completely. It’s dripping with it. I’ll blot the pieces with paper towels before I try it.

There’s little else to do but get ready for bed. Here’s hoping for a Happy Sabbath for all.

Good night!

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