I’ve got myself quite a nice goose-egg.

More about that later. It happened late in the day. Have to keep things in chronological order here.

I was up in time to do my BodyFlex. I forgot to say that I was in the middle of my routine yesterday when the band broke on the GymBar. I have another GymBar so I got it out and continued on.


28 ozzies grapefruit juice
24 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie

24 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie
Small Fred’s Mom’s Salad
2 persimmons
2 baby bananas
A few snow peas

Half a small watermelon
3 tomato “chili”
2 small (24 ct) Ataulfo mangos
Large salad of romaine/red leaf lettuce/frisée (I’ve discovered I don’t care much for frisée) with avocado and lime juice
A couple of pieces of coconut bacon


I did 15 minutes walking this morning and another 15 this afternoon.

Today was Day 2 of Patient Access Week so I got a couple of pizzas and made a large salad for the staff’s lunch. The pizzas smelled good but I wasn’t tempted at all.

When I got home, I was getting some food out of the freezer for Twinkle and the peppers I’d put in there yesterday fell on the floor. When I bent over to get them, a large bag of peaches fell and conked me in the head. It wasn’t hard enough to make me see stars or hear birds tweeting but it didn’t feel good. I don’t have a headache or anything but it’s tender to the touch so I don’t touch it, much. I’ve got to see how big it is every now and then.

I ordered a Going Bananas! shirt and a tote. I got an e-mail saying they’ve been shipped. I was going to get two totes but I’m planning on some more designs so I’ll wait about the other one.

Twinkle would rejoice if she knew but she doesn’t know and I can’t tell her that she has eaten her last beef medallion. I gave her two beef salmon nuggets and she’s done away with both of them already.

WeatherBug keeps beeping at me. There are severe storm warnings for my county and a tornado watch until 3 am tomorrow. I’ll sleep through whatever happens. If no one hears from me tomorrow, I’ve been blown away.

The clock is striking 11 and I’m going to bed.

Sleep well, everyone!

3 Responses to I’ve got myself quite a nice goose-egg.

  1. Em April 4, 2007 at 8:16 am #

    Great blog and forum.
    U rock!!!

  2. Anonymous April 4, 2007 at 8:42 pm #


    i know it’s not 3 am yet, but i’m wondering if your house is about to be shaken off its foundation. i hope you have a basement of some sort to take cover in!


  3. Tommie April 4, 2007 at 9:03 pm #

    No basement. Plus the only place that would be relatively safe is the smaller bathroom that’s more than half the house away from my bedroom. I’m still here, though, and there was little activity in my part of the world compared to what happened just a few miles away. I won’t go into that here since I’m going to blog about it tonight. Thanks for your concern, Sandy! It’s nice to know people care!

    And thank YOU, Em, for the boost to my self-esteem!

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