It’s been a very pleasant Sabbath.

I got up about 7 this morning and got started on my day.


22 ozzies grapefruit juice

A pint of strawberries
3 bananas
3 cups salsa with a diced avocado

A quart of straberries
Half a small personal size watermelon
About a cup and a half of salsa
Some coconut bacon
Raw peanuts

We’ll go back to this morning. I got my salsa finished and everything loaded into the car. I was a little late getting to the church but that was okay. It wasn’t my day to play and my family wasn’t there yet.

I was standing on the porch talking to some of the other members when the van drove up. It was so good to see the faces I love! I love the people of the church but this is different. Since I wasn’t playing, I got to sit with them through both services.

The person who spoke today had just gotten back from an evangelistic series in Cuba. The stories he had to tell were very interesting. He sat across the table from me at lunch and tortured me with descriptions of fruit and veggies he’d had while he was gone. Something that was sad is the fumigating of everything on the island every two weeks. He said there are no mosquitoes to speak of, no roaches, rats, or mice. That seems like it would be good but he said there are very few birds. So…it isn’t so good. In fact, it’s disturbing.

After we finished lunch and came home, we visited until 7 o’clock. My granddaughter enjoyed the Nordic Track and the Healthrider and lay down on my waterbed for maybe five minutes. My son took my GPS out into the yard and found lots that it will do that had left me clueless. He asked to borrow it for a couple of weeks so he can teach an honor in geocaching. Since I haven’t used it at all for anything except to look at and wonder, I told him to take it on. I did make him promise that he would give me a full inservice.

When they were leaving, I suggested a trip to Mother’s grave. I don’t know if they took the suggestion or not but I hope so.

My son and g-daughter had tried the coconut bacon and weren’t blown away. That was the only thing they’d eaten here so I’m left with lots of fruit but that’s okay. I’ll eat it. And when they were gone, that’s just what I did.

I’d mentioned haystacks were going to be the lunch today and my sister said I should explain what they are for the unitiated (the lucky people of the world). She said to say it’s like taco salad but I disagree. Taco salad is generally some well-chosen ingredients mixed together and served in a more or less attractive fashion in a bowl. Haystacks use most of the same ingredients but they are piled precariously on a plate in a gloppy mess. Now, I will probably raise the ire of haystack lovers everywhere but gain the love and adoration of the haystack haters. I’ll just take my chances.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I’m going to try to get away from here by 11 am so I can hit ALDI, the Asian market, and the organic market before getting to the university by 2 where my granddaughter’s gymnastic exhibition is to be. After it’s over, I’ll go to the supermarket there and work my way home. It’s already almost 11 so in another 12 hours…

Good night!

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