The forum has a moderator!

Since it is the Kingdom of Raw and I’m the Queen Mother, I gave Valerie the title of Royal Raw Ambassador. I don’t mind putting the forum in her very capable hands. She had let me know she was willing to help out in any way possible. Since she has a great deal of time to spend on it, moderator/ambassador was the direction it took me. Another member, Dwain, had suggested her to me in that role. I think he has a good head on his shoulders, too. But all of us are smart! I will have to admit that I was drowning. I was going down for the third time and this will take a great deal of the weight off my shoulders. I will still be participating but Valerie will do the day to day splitting, moving, merging, whatever is needed to keep the forum organized and running smoothly. She has been a regular contributor since she joined and she has lots of good ideas.

It was late when I turned my light off last night and when I finally went to sleep, I dreamed about reading Dr. D.’s book (I’d read some in it) and makin’ bacon. I wasn’t sleeping too well the first half of the night so it was no surprise that I overslept this morning. I did the first 10 minutes of BodyFlex and that was it for exercising.

28 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies mango/banana/spinach smoothie

2 kiwifruit

2 pickling cucumbers
Almost 32 ozzies banana/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie

On the way home:
2 large bananas

A near perfect young coconut
3 tomatoes chopped up on my NEW CUTTING BOARD, eaten with Tajin
3 cups gazpacho
A few bites of pineapple

I walked three laps this morning and had lunch on the patio. It heated up quite a bit this afternoon so that was that. And I went to the bathroom when I wanted to and flushed the commode!

When I got to work this morning, my purse was up under the dash far enough that I couldn’t see it. I went all day thinking I’d left it at home. It was a relief to see it when I got in the car this afternoon. I stopped by the supermarket and got some bananas, plus I bought some decent tomatoes at the stand in town.

I’d remarked to one of the registrars that I was starving. I ate the two bananas in the car. They had the flavor I remember bananas having when I was but a child. They were so good!

The rest of my day has been spent in eating, makin’ bacon, listening Twinkle hiss at the neighbor cat, and half-way cleaning up the kitchen.

I got an e-mail from my DIL saying that my granddaughter will be in a tumbling exhibition on Sunday so I’ll be heading that way. They’ll be here the day before to go to church with me and spend the afternoon. I’ll have to get the house presentable. It isn’t a disaster area but it needs attention.

Well, folks, I’m going to hang this up and head to bed!

Good night and sweet dreams!

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