Some of the members have already gotten their orders.

That’s amazing. One had ordered on the 15th and got it today. She said looking at it on the computer didn’t do it justice. I need to order those totes soon. Next time I go shopping at the organic grocery, I would like to have enough to hold everything. The ones they sell there are cheaper but are about half as big. Maybe a little more but not much and these MEAN something.

I was up in time to do most of my exercises. I had held my pushup for 50 seconds yesterday and thought I’d surely be able to do a whole minute this morning but I made it for 47 seconds. I don’t like to go backwards. 🙁

Food for today:

Almost 28 ozzies grapefruit juice
24 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
A full quart banana/romaine smoothie
Two mangos cut up in a bowl and mixed with a little agave
Two pickling cucumbers
A honeydew
Two kiwifruit
Bean sprout kim chee
A pint of strawberries
A quart of gazpacho with diced cucumber, half an avocado, and grape tomatoes

I was the mail/bank person today. Monday is always a big day and today was no exception. There were two trays and a package. Funny thing–the bank had sent a letter to my home address and it was delivered to the hospital box! And I live in a different county! And the address is a different town! Guess that comes of working there for more than 20 years. I hate getting mail from the bank but this was just an update about their online banking.

It was really windy today so I didn’t venture out to walk even though I took my shoes. It’s been raining since it got dark.

I took the stuff out to compost before the Critters that come out at Night were about. I’d like to see it/them again.

I’ve had a little bit of a scratchy throat today. I don’t know if it’s irritated because of lack of sleep or if there is pollen flying around that it doesn’t like. I plan to get to bed soon and get my full complement tonight.

So…good night, all!

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