It was 45 minutes earlier than either of the two nights before

that I got to bed last night. I was so proud of me! I even set the alarm clock on “fast time”. Not that I wanted to, but I had to cave in and do it since I’m a working girl. If I were already retired, I would go by Standard Time and let the givverment go hang. I read for a little while in Dr. D.’s book. The Book Critic might even approve of it. It has lots of references to other scientific works.

I was up early enough to do my BodyFlex but nothing else.

Food for today:

22 ozzies OJ
36 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
1 pint strawberries (minus a few I shared)
40 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
A Clementine my office-mate gave me
Kim chee (both veggie and mung bean)
1 pint strawberries (I took two pints to the neighbors)
Undetermined amount of romaine leaves eaten by themselves
Large amount of salsa (three tomatoes) with half a good-sized avocado

The other girl in my office had been grossed out by all the dead bugs behind her desk so I took my Dyson with me today. After she got through, I gave both offices a good vacuuming, though it was what my mother would have call “a lick and a promise”. The canister had a lot of dirt and dust in it. We have a little sweeper type vacuum that we use between cleanings by housekeeping but it was good to do a more thorough job. Maybe we won’t sneeze as much now.

My friend was asleep when I called her around lunch. She said she was going to a rehab center. I told her to call me tonight if she could and let her go back to sleep.

I went by the church and turned up the heat. When I started to leave the house this morning, I was wondering if I needed a jacket. I looked at the thermometer and it was 38 degrees. It hurt after all the warm weather we’d been having.

When I got home, I call the rehab center and asked if my friend is a resident. The person answering the phone didn’t seem to know anything. She asked around and came back, snickered, and said, “Because of HIPAA laws, I can’t tell you if she’s here or not.” I took that to mean she was there but I happen to have been well trained in HIPAA and I know that, unless a patient requests to be kept confidential, the fact that he/she is there can be disclosed. I didn’t argue with the woman. She told me to contact the family so that’s what I’ll do. Unless I decide to call and just ask for her. But not tonight.

The last four items on my food list were what I had after I got here. The salsa was a little on the spicy side because I put a whole small onion in it. I ate it anyway. It was good but I would have liked it better milder.

I am still marveling at finding Piotr. I had hoped and prayed to find just the right photo for my shirts, etc., but the Lord saw fit to steer me not only to a photo I really liked but to a photographer who is interested in doing a whole bunch of related produce type pictures. I can’t help but be amazed!

And it’s Sabbath! My work week is over, it isn’t 9 pm yet, and I’m ready to go to bed. Happy happy joy joy! Good night and happy Sabbath!

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  1. Valerie March 17, 2007 at 6:28 pm #

    It’s so great that Piotr is available to work with you some more. I look forward to seeing what the two of you come up with next.

  2. Tommie March 17, 2007 at 8:58 pm #

    It won’t be the two of us. He’s got enough inspiration and creativity for several people. I’d been trying to come up with something for months. He’ll do whatever it is he does and let me know when it’s out there. I’m looking forward to seeing it, too! I’m blessed ‘way beyond my wildest dreams. I’d prayed for a photo that epitomized the raw food lifestyle and I got that AND the source for more!

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