It’s already after 10. This time is aggravating!

I look at the clock and think it should be an hour earlier. It doesn’t hit me like it used to but I still don’t like it. I feel like an hour has been stolen from me.

When I got up this morning, I thought I would have time to BodyFlex, at least. Well, I got through the first half and ran out of time. I forgot to report that I did all of my exercises yesterday.

The oranges I picked up yesterday are pineapple oranges with lots and lots of seeds. I didn’t have time to deal with them.

It’s been so easy to just list all my food at one whack that I think I’ll keep it up.

16 ozzies grapefruit juice
40 ozzies banana/blueberry/pear/spinach smoothie
48 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothie (I had to do the ACV/agave trick again. These last mangos aren’t as good as the others I’ve been getting.)
The rest of the small watermelon
Some kim chee
Three tomato salsa with half an avocado (and some salt)

I had intended to have some OJ but I’ve been without oranges so long, I forgot it.

I walked 15 minutes this morning and 15 this afternoon and ate lunch outside in the sun. Woohoo! According to WeatherBug, it got up to 79 at the elementary school. I know it was warm and it makes me wonder what July and August are going to be like.

My friend left the nursing home today to go have a procedure done. Her daughter called me and let me know she came through it okay. I talked to her later in the day and she sounded good, considering.

I’ve been trying to get into CafePress to upload another graphic that I redid from yesterday. I didn’t like the size the original one turned out to be. It keeps timing out because I’m on dialup. The lack of broadband strikes again.

I got an e-mail from my daughter that they would be back today and another one saying they were home after having to wait a long time for their luggage. At least they got it. My oldest sister is the Queen of Lost Luggage.

I need to look in on the forum again and then go to bed. Good night!

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