I didn’t spring forward. I was forcefully pushed.

Anyone who knows me and knows me well is aware that Daylight Saving Time and I don’t get along. I go into it kicking and screaming. It’s a myth that it saves anything and this year, it’s costing billions of dollars. Yes, that’s billions with nine zeros. When the Powers decided it would come in three weeks early and go back one week late, they didn’t consider all the electronic devices that would have to be patched to handle it. Brilliant, huh? Another example of our tax dollars at work.

I’ve been working on new designs for my T-shirts and other items and it’s gotten late ‘way too quickly (thanks to DST). Plus, it’s taking forever to get things done on this !@#$%&* dialup. (Pardon my language.) So…this will be short.

This is Day Seven and the last day of the Green Cleanse. Food for today (as it’s posted on the forum):

24 ozzies grapefruit juice
40 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave nectar/ACV smoothie (the mango wasn’t the best–it had an “edge” to the taste which the agave and ACV took away)
I got a call from my orange/tomato person and was able to go pick up my box of size 125 oranges so I had:
A little over 32 ozzies OJ, part by itself and the other part blended up with 16 ozzies strawberries
2 kiwifruit
32+ ozzies gazpacho with diced tomato and diced cucumber

I was stuffed and couldn’t handle any more until tomorrow.

I missed the visit with my daughter today. She and my SIL are in California on a combined business trip/seeing relatives. I’ve heard from them that they got there safely but that’s it. My daughter had warned me that she might not have a chance to call this week. They will be heading home tomorrow.

It was so nice out, I couldn’t resist getting some sun. I’d planned on 15 minutes on the front and 15 on the back but it felt so good, I got a total of 30 on the back. I had on a tank-type top and biking shorts.

I’ve added another board to the forum, the Book Nook and we are probably going to be discussing Dr. D.’s latest book. I’m almost through the Introduction and so far, it’s excellent. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in eating raw food. Or anyone not. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a must-read.

The clock has chimed 11 so I must go. Good night!

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  1. Elena March 12, 2007 at 10:59 am #

    Hi Tommie,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being able to read your online journal from the beginning of your rawesome journey.
    I almost read the whole thing in one sitting, I was soo Fascinated and amazed by your story!! What a raw trooperette! LOL
    I also appreciate the forum you created so that WE can all encourage Each Other. And I want to totally support you! You are quite an inspiration! And I know that everyday is a new beginning on your/our journey. So keep on keepi’ on, and I am grateful for the community you have helped bring together, so we can all take it one day at a time, together.
    Like you, I live in an area where eating Living Foods (raw) whatever you want to call it, is unheard of. I don’t prosletyze, and I certainly don’t want to judge others, either. But it would be much harder to do this alone. Having your forum, and another raw forum has truly helped me and I amjust at the beginning. It is my second raw food attempt. But this one is for keeps.
    I am planning on ordering the 80/10/10 book. Your forum and journal have especially helped me clarify how important it is for me to focus on fruits and greens, which is making it a lot easier and more FUN to walk in the 811 footsteps ahead!
    ciao, bella

  2. Tommie March 12, 2007 at 8:54 pm #

    You went clear back to June 2005??? I’m always flabbergasted when people tell me they’ve read my whole blog. That’s a lot of reading and you have a great deal of intestinal fortitude.

    I’m so glad you joined the forum. If there are other people who are interested, pass the address along. We need people who are serious about succeeding and will participate. I love the attitudes on the forum. We have a lot of fun but we have a common goal, too.

    I guess I do proselytize. I carry my Awesome Rawsome tote every day and I (almost) always have cards with me. People ask questions and I don’t mind answering. I feel like it’s my mission in life to help others have as good health as I do–if they want it. I never urge it but I don’t hide it, either. If they choose to do it (and several are considering it), so much the better. If they don’t, what they eat and drink will eventually catch up with them. The sad thing is, getting old and infirm is expected. I may get old but I certainly am going to fight getting infirm and the only way I know to do it is to take care of myself. I like to avoid health problems, not try to fix them with surgery, radiation, pills, or potions.

    Take care and I’ll see you on the forum!

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