Six Green Cleanse days down and one to go!

I didn’t do so well with my greens today. Sabbath is a day that I don’t get enough of anything food-wise. Since I had to leave early to pick up my friend from the nursing home so she could go to church, too, I didn’t have time to fix a smoothie. My problem is staying in bed too long.

Food for today:

26 ozzies grapefruit juice (that was breakfast)
3.5 bananas (my friend ate the other half)
Probably 24 ozzies Spinach Soup (I ended up tossing the last cup or so. It needs to be made and eaten fresh.)
The rest of the salad I’d taken to the fellowship meal which was a tiny bit compared to what I usually eat. I put probably a cup of mango/tomato dressing on it. Ditto on making/eating the dressing fresh.
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie, no added water
Half a small watermelon
One large mango
Two cups pineapple (the best one I’ve had for awhile)

Since it’s already after 10, I’m going to go on to bed and check in again tomorrow. Good night!

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