Green Cleanse Day Four!

I failed to report yesterday that I finally did my vision therapy. Also, I had my picture taken yesterday for my reaching 20 years at the hospital on March 2. The Mother Ship publishes a photo book with people who have been on the job for extended periods of time. The last time I was in it was at 15 years. There will be a banquet in April but I doubt I’ll attend. There are two options for food–meat or vegetarian and the vegetarian is cooked. I could brown-bag it but I don’t think I’ll bother.

I got up in time to do a lot of my exercises this morning. I held my pushup for 60 seconds!

Here’s what I posted for my food on the forum this evening:

26 ozzies pink grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie (I only add enough water to blend and keep drinkable–not enough to really water it down)
8 ozzies strawberries
One beautiful Bartlett pear
36 ozzies banana/mango/romaine smoothie
I was in the mood for a salad so…
3 quarts chopped romaine and red leaf lettuce with half a cucumber, sliced, and half an onion slivered, dressed with about a quart of mango/tomato dressing
25 ozzies pink grapefruit juice

I walked for 15 minutes both morning and afternoon and ate my lunch outside. It sure does perk me up to be able to do that.

Twinkle wanted on my lap and then she spied the cartoon cat on my sweatshirt. She stared at it long and hard before she jumped up. She’s a strange cat. I’ve been wearing this shirt (one of my daughter’s castoffs) for years and it was like she just noticed it.

It’s time to shut this down for tonight and hie myself to bed.

Nighty-night, all!

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