This is Day One of the Green Cleanse.

I got up in time to do most of my exercises. I didn’t have time for what came after the 40 second push-up I did, though. I could only hold it for 30 seconds yesterday. Maybe I’ll be able to go 50 tomorrow.

Breakfast was three grapefruit, juiced, for a total of 24 ozzies. I blended up a quart of bananas, raspberry, and spinach and drank it at my desk.

I went to the bank and post office. I stopped on the way back and got a few things.

I’d meant to take something for my break but I failed to.

The sun was shining but it was very cool and windy. I had my banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie and two mangos chunked up in the break room. People still gag at the sight of my smoothies but there’s one person on the nursing staff that will stick up for me. She’s actually tried them and she likes them.

My local raw food friend I’ve not met in person called a couple of times today. She was very apologetic but she didn’t need to be. It’s exciting to talk to someone who doesn’t think I’ve lost all my marbles. She has decided that she would like to get together for lunch sometime. She was wondering if raw helps with weight loss. I directed her to my Rogue’s Gallery page and she was duly impressed, I think.

This afternoon, it was a little warmer out–enough that I sat in the sun for 15 minutes.

Since I was designated for the afternoon mail run, I left work a half hour early. I headed on over the mountain to lay in a supply of greens, etc., for the Cleanse. I went by the cemetery to check on Mother. There was some moss that had embedded itself in one of the letters on her stone so I cleaned it out.

It was on to Wally World where I got everything I needed except for grape tomatoes. There were none to be had. I stopped at a supermarket and got a little container–for $3. I had planned to get more than one but at that price, I don’t think so! I got some commercial red leaf lettuce, too, so I won’t completely OD on romaine and spinach.

When I got home, I decided I’d take a chance and put some of my food in the other fridge. I came on in the house after that and got everything put away. Almost. I still have to put the cilantro and parsley in water and get them stowed.

I had a pint of strawberries and then a bowl of Spinach Soup. I’m good for today.

It’s time to hang this up and check in on the forum. I’ve already gotten on the Cleanse forum and posted. There isn’t much activity there yet.

Good night!

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