It’s been a good day, though long.

I haven’t been on the forum since early this morning. And that was just to answer a couple of private messages and a post or two.

I had a cooked food dream last night. I dreamed that I was somewhere besides here because there was a plate of some kind of deep-fried food on a table. Without thinking, I picked up a piece and ate it. After that, I thought, “I’ve done it now. I might as well keep on!” and I ate some more. When I woke up, I was glad it was a dream. As yucky as rich raw makes me feel now, I can just imagine how sick I’d be if I ate fried.

Breakfast was the first grapefruit juice from the last box of grapefruit I bought. They are beautiful pink ones. The others were sorta pink. These are pink! I used the rest of the oranges in my OJ/strawberry smoothie. No, I didn’t use fresh berries in it. It was the rest of the bag of thawed out frozen ones that I’d opened yesterday. I drank part of it here and took the rest in the car with me and finished it on the way.

I packed a lunch to take along. I’d talked to my friend in the nursing home and I told her I’d come over and eat with her.

Church was good, as usual. I had to remind myself not to cross my legs. I checked this morning and there’s a faint outline where the navy blue splotch was.

The pastor’s talk was about health today. He had some really good thoughts. He put up a white board and the following acronymn:

  • Godly trust
  • Open air
  • Daily exercise
  • Sunlight
  • Plenty of rest
  • Lots of water
  • Always temperate
  • Nutrition
  • He’d brought vegan “junk” foods and said that, though they didn’t have anything in them that were animal products, they weren’t the healthiest foods that could be eaten. He had a large bowl with salad mix, fruit, and veggies and stressed that we should get lots of raw foods into our diets. I couldn’t have agreed more.

    I don’t drink LOTS of water any more. I eat lots of food that has all of the water left. Cooking releases the water and more or less dehydrates the food which is why people on SAD need to drink LOTS of water.

    I’d taken some broccoli and cauliflower to give away to someone, anyone, because I couldn’t use it all and it perfumed the atmosphere around where I was sitting. I could only hope that no one thought it was me. I gave it to the pianist and she was thrilled to get it.

    I made my way to the nursing home and there was a crowd of people in my friend’s room. She had a plate of orange wedges, a banana (pretty green), and grapes. It wasn’t long before the people left and I got to eating. I ate four bananas that I’d taken and four orange wedges. I had one grape and it wasn’t wonderful so I left them. I’d brought two mangos, some pretty plates, forks, and napkins. I had a knife to cut the mangos so I went to work. I divided up the first mango and we ate it and it was very good. The administrator of the nursing home came in and talked to my friend for a few minutes while I cut up the second mango. It was luscious! We offered him some but he declined. He didn’t know what he was missing.

    A couple of people took my URL and said they’d look it up. One was interested for herself and the other for her mother.

    We visited for a couple hours and I came home. She had me take the one banana I hadn’t eaten plus the greenish one. I told her she’ll have to come to church next Sabbath so we can eat together there and she agreed. We’d planned to go out for a walk but the wind was blowing HARD.

    I came on home and got the rest of the coconut (three) out of the fridge on the way in. I plan to do the Green Cleanse starting on Monday so I’ll have to have them eaten before then.

    When I got inside and settled, I had some kim chee. Then I did away with one of the coconut. It was very young and easy to scoop out.

    Next, I made some Fred’s Mom’s Salad with two tomatoes and two mangos plus the usual onion and cilantro. I let it set while I ate a pint of strawberries. I sat in a chair in the living room with my feet on a footstool to eat the salad. Then I had the rest of the head of lettuce with some cashew dip. This is the first time I didn’t have to thin it out.

    That’s been my day and what I’ve had to eat. I’ll have to go to Wally World tomorrow and get some greens for the week. There are some of the others on the forum who are going to do the Cleanse, too.

    Better go check and make sure everything is okay! Good night!

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