Thank God, it’s Sabbath!

I don’t like wishing my life away but it is so nice to come to the end of this week.

I did my BodyFlex and a few other exercises this morning. Not enough time for all of them but I made a dent, anyway.

Breakfast was grapefruit juice that I drank here and a four banana/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie that I took to work. It was thick! I had to add more water to it–again.

I had to go to the bank and post office so I stopped by the roadside stand and did my shopping for the weekend. I got a pineapple, pears, tomatoes, green Vidalia onions, and half a flat of delicious strawberries. Since I had a mango, I had all the ingredients for Fred’s Mom’s Salad except for cilantro. I remedied that with a stop at the supermarket.

When I got back to the hospital and distributed the mail, I drank the rest of my breakfast. It was a quart of OJ/strawberry smoothie. I ate a couple of kiwifruit. Then I manufactured the salad. I didn’t eat it until lunch and it was delicious! The mango was perfectly ripe and syrupy sweet! Talk about yum! I could have eaten another bowl full but I didn’t have any more mango.

I’d forgotten the bank bag in the car. When I went out to get it, the air had warmed considerably. I went back in, got my Micro, and went for three laps. After I started walking it got very windy but I pressed on.

I’d shared a pint of strawberries with the others but most of it was left. I washed the berries and completed their consumption.

While I was sitting at the front window while the registrar was in the ER, I rubbed on some hand lotion. It had a very strong smell and my throat almost immediately started feeling irritated. I washed it off when I got home and felt better but there’s still a little scratchiness.

I finished the afternoon and left. I went by the church, turned on the heat, and set up the organ.

Once home, I put everything away and started on my evening meal. I had some coconut meat left over from the other day. It was young and tender. It was just a little much to eat when I had opened it. Then I had some kim chee. I had another pint of strawberries. There’s no way I could eat all the berries before they spoil so I took a couple of pints to my neighbor with instructions that one was for him and the other for his wife. I made some “chili” sans Tajin. I’d gotten a head of iceberg lettuce before I started up the mountain. I cut it in half and put some cashew dip on it. That stuff grows! I thin it out every time I get it from the fridge but it’s thick as ever the next time. I ate the whole half (is that an oxymoron?) and a little more. It was the best iceberg I’ve had, maybe, ever.

I’ve made some garlic lemonade to see if I can finish off my scratchy throat. I got a little too much agave nectar in it but I’ll just take it easy and not gulp it down.

So that’s it for my day. Hope everyone has had a good one! Happy Sabbath to all!

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