Oh, the heartbreak of it all!

I’ll get to that later. Right now, I’ll say I overslept and didn’t do my vision therapy. Neither did I do any other kind of exercising.

Breakfast was taken with me. I drank my grapefruit juice on the way to work and had my OJ at my desk. I didn’t have time to wash any greens before I left, so I had four bananas.

One of the registrars was out sick so I couldn’t go out and walk. That’s where the heartbreak came in. It was a beautiful beautiful day with the temperature up to 70. The sun was shining and there was a little wind but not bad.

My snack was two organic kiwifruit.

I did go out and eat lunch in the sun. I had a banana/spinach smoothie and a bowl of chunked-up mango. The mango wasn’t as ripe as I like. I ate it anyway. The smoothie was nutritious but not delicious. That’s when I look forward to my next meal.

I went back in and immersed myself in the whirlwind.

Since the people at the roadside stands leave so early, I left work for less than 10 minutes and bought some tomatoes.

On the way to the house, I snagged a coconut. When I got in, I did it in. I drank the water but ate very little of the meat because it was so mature. I made Fred’s Mom’s Salad and let it sit while I ate some “chili”. I’m using up the sorry tomatoes in such as that. Then I had the salad. Later on, I had some kim chee.

I have had such a time trying to make sure I don’t cross my legs at all. I keep catching myself doing it. It’s an old habit and old habits are hard to break.

I’m listening to the after-conference chat which just ended and it’s 10:48. I was on for two hours and a little more than 20 minutes. It was excellent, as usual, and made me think. There are always new concepts introduced that challenge the way I’ve always thought. For instance, whatever I put in my mind is actually nourishment, either beneficial or not, for the body. True but new. At least to me.

I’m ready to go to bed but I need to get online and post this and check on the forum. One of the members sent me a private message because she was worried something was wrong since I haven’t put much on there lately. I’ve been too busy to do much more than read a lot. There are well over 5,600 posts with an average of just over 100 a day and it’s impossible to keep up. A lot of them are short, maybe just smileys, but some are like chapters in a book. I hit the high spots and go on. I try to catch up on the weekend.

So, with that, I’ll sign off and say good night.

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