I’ve had to rig myself a footstool.

Yesterday, I discovered some varicose veins on the back of my left knee. I have a very bad habit of crossing my ankles and pulling my feet back under my chair when I’m sitting here at the computer so I got a lid from a tomato box and have my feet propped on it. It works but it isn’t pretty so I’m going to have to do something more permanent when I can afford it.

This catching up two days is for the birds. I’m going to get it done tonight and that’s that.

Sunday, I got up and didn’t exercise anything. Breakfast was grapefruit juice, OJ, and an OJ/strawberry smoothie. I saved a little of the smoothie so my granddaughter could try it but they’d stopped somewhere on the way home from the gym and she said she wasn’t hungry. My DIL encouraged her to try it but it did no good. I should have offered it to her but I didn’t think of it until later. I would have been surprised if she’d taken me up on it. She doesn’t like many kinds of fruit.

I don’t remember what else I had to eat before I left. It was 2:45 when I got away. I stopped at the university store where there were organic bananas marked down to 69 cents a bunch and there were also some baby bananas that were really reasonable. I tried one of the bananas before I left the parking lot to see if they were worth getting more but they weren’t. Wish I’d tried the baby bananas. They were excellent.

On the way to the Asian market, I ate three more bananas. Then I hit the organic market and spent a little over $20 of my $50 gift card. It was on to ALDI. I ate seven baby bananas before I got home.

It was pretty late when I passed the turnoff to the cemetery so I didn’t stop. I got here, unloaded the car and had a young coconut, a few bites of kim chee, and some Fred’s Mom’s Salad. That was Sunday.

Monday, I got up and did my BodyFlex, LSEs, and a few of my own routine.

Breakfast was same as usual. I took a banana/romaine smoothie for the rest of my breakfast at work.

I failed to eat my snack but I GOT OUT AND WALKED FOR 15 MINUTES!

Lunch was a banana/romaine smoothie and a mango that wasn’t quite ripe enough for my taste.


Then it was home and I had been wanting a salad. I made a huge one and put some of the dip on it that I’d made at my son’s place. I ate all I could manage but I had to throw the last of it away. As my mother would have said, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

This morning, I got up too late to exercise. Breakfast was grapefruit juice, OJ, and a banana/romaine smoothie.

I was going to take the rest of the greens from yesterday to make my lunch smoothie but I’d failed to put them in the fridge and they didn’t smell good. I learned long ago that it’s cheaper to throw such borderline food away than to try to salvage it. Eating some bad food cost me over $300 in a hospital bill one time–and that was after insurance had paid. It also scared my sister half to death.

I WALKED FOR 15 MINUTES THIS MORNING! It was nicer than yesterday. The sun was out and it was beautiful. I pulled WeatherBug up and the high today in town was 66 degrees!

It was so tempting to be outside that I ate my banana/spinach smoothie on the patio in front of the cafeteria. The activities person for the nursing home poked her head out the door and said I was going to freeze. I don’t think so! I pulled my pantlegs up and sat in the sun for the 15 minutes I had left after I drank my smoothie. When I got back inside, I ate two kiwifruit.

I finished up the corrections for the state data and then WALKED FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES!

When I got home, I had some Spinach Soup, a little kim chee, sampled the bean sprout kim chee (it isn’t ready yet), and some Fred’s Mom’s Salad. I’d stopped and bought some Roma tomatoes and they weren’t the best. The roadside stands were closed when I came by so I was stuck with them. The mango was delicious, though, so I ate the tomatoes out of it first and then ate the mango. I’ll have to stop and get some cilantro tomorrow. I used the rest of my supply.

That’s it for today! And yesterday and the day before! Woohoo!

Good night! I’m going to look in on Raw Food Lifestyle and go to bed.

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