Didn’t anybody miss me and my average days?

Here I am, back home again, still on dialup. I hate to even think the word, say it, or write it. Guess it’s better than nothing at all but it’s close to being less than nothing sometimes when the bandwidth goes down and I have to disconnect, wait a minute, and reconnect.

I’m not going to write a whole lot tonight since it’s almost 10:30 now. I’ll briefly touch on Friday.

I did my BodyFlex but not anything else. Breakfast was grapefruit juice, OJ, and a banana/romaine smoothie I took to the hospital.

At work, I hurried and got the budget done and handed in. My boss granted my request to leave early. I was out by 1 and went by and delivered some paperwork to some people.

I stopped at the local supermarket to see if they had any watermelon but they didn’t. I did get a few eating tomatoes at a roadside stand.

Then it was on home to get ready to leave.

I made a OJ/strawberry smoothie with some fresh berries I needed to use or lose. I ran around and got things together while I sipped on it from time to time. I didn’t get it all down so I took the rest of it and some more OJ with me in jars and drank it on the way.

I wanted to stop at the cemetery but I didn’t have time. I needed to pay my property tax and the courthouse annex closed at 4:30. I got there with just a few minutes to spare. No other taxpayers were in the office when I went in so I was taken care of and was out. In more ways than one. My bank account is about out, too.

It was on down the highway to Wally World where I stocked up for the weekend.

The weather was beautiful and I was making good time. I ate four bananas on the way. My son had told me he’d leave the front door unlocked so I could get in. I figured I’d be able to get there and unload before sundown. It was not to be. I was intent on getting inside and going potty and the door was locked, tight as a drum. When my son and his family moved there, it was very secluded with no one else around. People have bought bordering property and have built to the point it was very hard to find a place where I was fairly sure I wouldn’t be seen.

I reluctantly got back in the car and tooled over to the church–it’s probably 20 minutes each way. They were surprised to see me and it dawned on my son that he’d been the last one out and had locked the door. He gave me the key and I made my way back to the house.

After many many trips, I got everything unloaded and put away. I fixed myself some Fred’s Mom’s Salad and I think that was it for the day. I may have had something else but I don’t remember right offhand. Oh, I did have a few bites of kim chee.

Anyhow, that was Friday. They got home about 9 and we were trying to get my laptop to connect to his router ‘way too long. I slept on the couch and was cold until on up in the morning when I swapped my jammies for a sweatshirt and heavy knit pants. And that’s where I’ll stop for tonight.

Good night everyone and stay tuned for the continuation of the saga of the weekend!

3 Responses to Didn’t anybody miss me and my average days?

  1. Em February 26, 2007 at 5:51 am #


    Just thought I would say hi. I have just recently started a blog and would love fot you to check it out, when you’re sat down having a smoothie or juice.

    Love your blog.


  2. Joan February 26, 2007 at 7:17 pm #

    Yes, I did miss you! I love reading about your days. I love reading what you eat and whatever else you write. I’ve gotten many great ideas! It’s where I first learned about green smoothies.

  3. Tommie February 26, 2007 at 9:35 pm #

    Thank you for missing me!

    Em, you have a good beginning with your blog. It’s so neat how the previews pop up!

    And Joan, I’m hooked on green smoothies. It’s such a good way to get enough greens in my diet.

    Both of you come over to the forum and join in the fun! It’s http://reallyrawfood.com/forum in case you haven’t noticed. 🙂

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