It got up to 61 where I work today!

I only had time to BodyFlex. I slept last night! And on into the morning…

Breakfast was 16+ ozzies of grapefruit juice and some 24 ozzies of OJ. I made a three banana/two pear/lots of red leaf and green curly leaf smoothie and drank it when I got to the hospital.

Today was the day to get all the meter readings for the copiers so I walked around and did it rather than call.

I took a 15 minute walk and did three laps around the buildings. I remembered to take my running shoes with me so I was well prepared.

Lunch was four bananas and two mangos made into a fruit salad. I had a picnic and ate in the sun at the table on the patio in front of the cafeteria. The wind was blowing but I was sheltered by the building.

I worked on the operating budget and got most of it done today. If I can finish it up in short order tomorrow, I plan to leave early so I can get to my son’s place at a reasonable hour. Sabbath is going to be my granddaughter’s first Pathfinder Sabbath and they want me to be there for it. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I was at the Adventurers Sabbaths when she was younger.

The wind had picked up and things had cooled off some so I went and sat in the sun instead of walking this afternoon. It was very pleasant but I had to keep my sweater on.

I got away a few minutes late. I needed some cilantro but I figured that it wouldn’t be any fresher than it was yesterday so I came on home.

I hadn’t eaten the kiwifruit for my snack again. I had them as my first course. I plan to take some coconut to my son’s place. I decided to forego having one. I’d gotten some corn yesterday so I shaved an ear, scraped it, mixed it with a couple of tomatoes and onion powder and attempted to eat it. It wasn’t delicious so I added some Mexican seasoning and Tajin. It was tolable, as my mother would have said. I ended up my meals with some Spinach Soup topped with diced avocado. Beautiful diced avocado, perfectly ripe and creamy. From ALDI.

So, that’s it for today and I’m going to get some things ready to go.

Good night!

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