This is going to be short.

I’m about to fall over asleep. I don’t know what was up last night except it was me. I went to bed not too late and was prepared to have a good night. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t sleep. I was relaxed, not wired, but I just couldn’t drift off. I finally took a melatonin and that relaxed me more so I kind of drifted but I didn’t go sound asleep until, probably, about 3 o’clock this morning.

I was up at 6 something and did an abbreviated version of my vision therapy. I finished up a few minutes after 7.

Breakfast was 16 ozzies of grapefruit juice and 24 ozzies of OJ. I made a banana/green curly leaf smoothie to take to finish up my breakfast.

It was a beautiful day and great for walking. I did three laps around the buildings and then went in for my snack of two kiwifruit. I didn’t see the third or I would have eaten it, too.

Lunch was a two banana smoothie and a big bowl of three mangos. I ate outside in the sun. How wonderful it was! I had to hurry because there was a monthly meeting I had to attend.

Later in the afternoon, I went for another very short walk. My first walk had left me with sore feet and I didn’t want to push it. I need to take my running shoes tomorrow. I sat in the sun for another 15 minutes.

I went to the supermarket and saw my neighbor and her construction partner. We talked about projects and she’ll be over sometime next week to look at my dryer.

When I got home, I had a young coconut. It wasn’t the best but it was okay. Then I mixed up some of Frederic’s gazpacho. I didn’t put in all the cucumber and cherry tomatoes it called for. I drank it more like a smoothie. I ended up with half an avocado.

It’s barely after 9, there are dishes in the sink, and I haven’t done much on the forum but I’m going on to bed and hope for a better night.

Sleep well, everyone!

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