I’ll have to make this short and sweet.

I’ve been on the forum a lot today and time has slipped away…

I got up and did all of my exercises. Breakfast was a huge amount of OJ/strawberry smoothie and plain OJ. I went out to the other fridge and got three young coconut. The one I fixed was a little icy so I put the other two in my “cool room” to thaw out. I had some kim chee and checked on the last batch. It was ready. I put it in quart jars (two full and one almost full) and put them in the fridge.

I had some pineapple and dehydrated papaya with some ginger agave nectar.

My daughter called and we visited for almost an hour. She has tomorrow off. Lucky girl!

I’ve wanted to get some updating done to the forum but my connection is so slow, it makes it hard to do anything. I was looking around on the WWW and found this the other day. If you are on dialup, too, don’t bother to click on the link. It’s pretty huge. It’s recommendations for a broadband initiative for the state of Tennessee. Maybe there’s hope! I’d like to think so, anyway. We’re 37th in the country when it comes to broadband availability. Pretty sad, huh?

After the phone visit, I fixed a couple of mangos. They were good but not super good. I ate half and made a banana/mango/spinach smoothie with the other half.

I had planned to get some veggie kim chee started but when I checked on my mung bean sprouts, I discovered that I’d let them get too crowded in the jars and I spent my time prying them out and getting most of the hulls off. I’ve started mung bean sprout kim chee instead. It’s much simpler than the other, anyway, but only if I can buy the beans already sprouted. I’ll finish them up in the morning.

These last tomatoes are so mushy that I have to fix them with something or blend them into “chili” so I did the latter–again. The last ones were so good that they spoiled me.

The last thing I had was some grapefruit juice. I don’t remember how much but it was well over a pint. Maybe a pint and a half.

That’s been my day. Oh, there was about an inch of snow on the ground when I got up. Some of it melted but there’s still some left.

Better hit the hay! Good night!

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