It’s been a pleasant Sabbath but cold.

The warm bed felt so good it was hard to get up–again. I managed to pry myself out and got ready to go. It was snowing briskly but it wasn’t enough to make me stay home.

I’d piddled around to the point that I had to take most of my breakfast with me. I had almost 16 ozzies of OJ and about a quart of an OJ/strawberry smoothie. I drank part of the smoothie before I left the house and took a jar full to the church. I drank my OJ on the way.

It was comfortable in the church but one of the men complained about the temperature so it was turned down. I went out during lesson study and drank the rest of my smoothie.

When I was in the bathroom, one of the women came in and caught me getting warm in front of the heater. I told her that “blank” had been too warm and the heat had been turned down to accommodate him. She said, “If I had insulation like a polar bear I’d be too warm, too!” He is quite portly. He loses weight every now and then but finds it and a friend or two.

During the prayer request time, I asked for prayer for myself in my work on the forum. One of the men spoke up and said that he reads the forum and he had some nice things to share about it.

After church, one of my best friends came up and told me she’s found she has thyroid trouble. She was telling me she was getting off dairy and soy and I’d have my way one of these days because she’d have to be a raw foodist. I told her it didn’t matter to me what she eats, that I love her anyway. She said there were so many things she wasn’t going to be able to eat, she might as well. She was a member of the Yahoo group so I gave her my card and told her to look up the new forum. She has since found it and joined. Her doctor had put her on Armour thyroid replacement therapy but she wouldn’t take it because it’s from swine. I’d prefer not to take anything at all but I’m not there yet. She wondered if using topical iodine would help but I have no idea. I’ve wondered the same thing.

When I got home, I had a really good young coconut. While I was drinking the water, I was making some spinach pesto and stuffing mushrooms. I got them into the dehydrator and had too much kim chee. Then I had my last four persimmons. Sad sad sad.

Later, I was in front of the kitchen sink and glanced up at the window. The snow was coming down steadily. I made some “chili” and sat at the dining table where I could watch and enjoyed it. It didn’t last long. The snow or the chili.

I got out my next to the last pound of really raw cashews and made some “gravy” and took a little out for the mushrooms. I added lemon juice to what was left plus some dill and made dressing for my salad. I dumped the bag of salad I’d bought yesterday into a bowl and added some grape tomatoes and a pickling cucumber. I ate the whole thing. I ate a couple of the mushrooms with a little of the “gravy”. I was still hungry (not enough fruit today) so I had some pineapple and over a quart of OJ. It wasn’t a smart thing to do. I felt like I had swallowed a basketball for awhile. Finally, I got comfortable but it wasn’t like when I drink it after I’ve eaten a fruit meal.

The dishes are done. and I need to feed Twinkle and get to bed.

Good night!

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