It’s Sabbath and rest is sweet!

I got up at 5 something, intending to stay up but it was cold and the bed was inviting and I crawled back in. It was after 6 when I finally made it out with my feet on the floor, standing upright.

I BodyFlexed but that was it.

Breakfast was 20 ozzies of OJ. I used some of the pineapple oranges that I’d bought yesterday and they are really good. They have seeds but not as many as the other juice oranges I had. I made a banana/red leaf/green curly leaf lettuce smoothie to take to work. It was delicious. The consistency was creamy and it was as good as any summertime smoothie I’ve ever had. The wintertime smoothies are often “drink it because it has lots of vitamins and minerals” good.

My snack was three Clementines. Lunch was another delicious smoothie. This time, it was three bananas, two mangos, and lots of baby spinach (Newman’s Own organic). Mid-afternoon, I had 16 ozzies of grapefruit juice.

I did one set of LSEs today. Not much in the way of exercise. I also power-walked in the corriders.

I went by the church and set the organ up for tomorrow. It was cold as kraut so I didn’t linger. I did turn up the heat so it will be nice and warm when all the people get there.

When I got home, I stopped and got a couple of coconut and came to the house. I had one of the coconut. That is, I drank the water. It was okay but when I opened the coconut, it was a little far gone for eating so I tossed it. Too bad, too, because it was just the right maturity. Or maybe I should say it still had enough youth. Then I had some kim chee, “chili”, two really yummy mangos, and half an avocado. I had bought a bag of prepared salad because I’ve been craving a really good one but I ran out of time so I’ll have it tomorrow.

Better get my beauty sleep! Good night and happy Sabbath!

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