At this rate, I’ll get to read The 80/10/10 Diet next year…

I didn’t read any last night since I got to bed ‘way past my bedtime as it was. I’d taken a bath in preparation for my appointment with the gynecologist today and that made it even later.

I’d gone to the bathroom at 5 and figured I could sleep until 6 and still have time to do my vision therapy. The best laid plans and all that. I woke up at 6:34. I don’t think I need to say that I immediately got up. I didn’t have time for exercising at all except for running around getting ready for work.

Breakfast was 20 ozzies of OJ. I made a banana/romaine smoothie to take to work with me.

There’s fund-raising going on for a scholarship to remember the co-worker who collapsed and died July 4, 2004. We can pay a certain amount of money and wear blue jeans on Friday. Today it was balloons for Valentine’s Day and a wall of hearts. The dietary supervisor sent me two balloons tied to a banana to weight them down. That was very thoughtful of her. I got a bouquet of balloons for my girls and had my family’s names put on hearts–each couple on their own and the grandchildren on one.

My snack was three Clementines. I was going to make another smoothie for lunch but I opted for a fruit salad instead. I went ahead and made it using three bananas, two kiwi (not a good combo), and a mango. It sat on my desk while I filled in as registrar and switchboard operator. After the others got back, I left an admission for one of them to finish up and I ran off to eat before I had to leave.

I got away a little later than planned and it was snowing. I had to drive some 30 miles North and I hoped for good roads. It wasn’t bad at all and I got to the doctor’s office in plenty of time. I thought it was a little strange that the parking lot was deserted but I went on in. I was getting ready to sign the patient list (which is actually a HIPAA violation on their part) but I was stopped. The girl at the desk asked my name and I told her. She said, “I’ve tried to get in touch with you but I didn’t get an answer. The doctor is in surgery and I’m having to reschedule everyone.” Well, that was a kick in the teeth! I’d taken off work and went all that way to be told I wouldn’t be seen. I told her I was at the hospital and she has my number there. She admitted to calling there once, at 3:37 in the afternoon, and I’d already left. That would have had to be Monday. Now, if she had been on the ball, she would have left a message for me to call her but she didn’t. She was ready to reschedule me but I told her I’d have to take off work again and I’d call her. I let her know that I was none too happy. She kept saying she’d tried to call me at home. I told her that I live with my cat and she doesn’t answer the phone. It seems pretty obvious that you’d call the “daytime phone number” in the daytime.

I’d gotten a call from my supplier of oranges and tomatoes that she wouldn’t have them for me until tomorrow. I thought that’s fine, I’ll get home early. I went to a “natural” foods store and got some :gasp!: Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and some Bragg’s Olive Oil. I say “natural” because almost everything in there is in boxes, bags, or cans. To me, that isn’t natural. That’s something that has had interference from Man. The people were nice, though, and we talked a little about Larabars and the “natural” foods store in my hometown.

I went on to Wally World and got a few things. I ran into the couple who’d grilled me at the fellowship meal last Sabbath and we visited for a few minutes. She was surprised that I’d come all that way to shop so I told her why I was there. I’d complained to the people at the other place, too.

It was COLD when I got outside and I made it to the car as quickly as I could. I stopped one other place and got some cilantro. What I bought at the organic market is very tough. Must be the time of year.

I made it up the mountain just fine. The snow had all blown off the road. I stopped and grabbed a couple of young coconut out of the fridge. I guess my neighbor had turned it off. The temperature in it was 29 degrees. I need it moved inside and that right early.

The coconut I had after I got inside (duh!) was the most mature one I’ve opened up yet. I had hardly any of the meat. I drank the water and put practically all of the meat in the freezer. I’d had half the little watermelon the other day and I don’t remember listing it. I finished it and it was pretty decent. I ate some kim chee, and then made some gazpacho. I was going to have some Fred’s Mom’s Salad, too, but I ran out of time and room. I ate the other half avocado from last night.

I’ve posted a few things on the forum. I’d sent a Valentine to my family and the forum friends today so I had some e-mails about it. And now I’m ready to go to bed. Good night, all!

2 Responses to At this rate, I’ll get to read The 80/10/10 Diet next year…

  1. Opal February 16, 2007 at 8:38 pm #

    I received my 80/10/10 book today. It’s a great read. I probably will finish it this evening. I would say I eat about half and half with the fruit and vegetables. Occasionally I’ll eat more of one than the other if my body is telling me to do so. Great book!

  2. Tommie February 16, 2007 at 9:21 pm #

    I still haven’t gotten back to it. It’s encouraging to hear what you think of it.

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