It’s been a long day.

Obviously, I got up this morning. I did all of my exercises. Breakfast was a young coconut that was more mature than I like. Part of the meat went in the freezer as usual. I fixed just about a quart of OJ and used enough of it with 16 ozzies of strawberries (minus the ones I snacked on while I was fixing them) to make a quart of strawberry/OJ smoothie. I drank the rest.

It was a beautiful day. So much so that I hated to have to go anywhere but I was obliged to. I stripped the bed and washed linens and my jammies. It was cold out but I hung everything on the line to dry. My hands were about frozen when I got through.

I left to go grocery shopping at about 1 pm. On the way out the door, I grabbed four bananas.

I went by the cemetery and everything is as it should be. My oldest sister read my birthday greetings on the forum and said she can sympathize with me about my missing Mother. I know all my sisters can… 😥

As I usually do, I made the rounds of the stores and got a supply of food. I won’t go into all of it because it’s past my bedtime. I will say that I got a box of nice grapefruit for $9 at ALDI. I was afraid they would have gone up because of the freeze in CA but they were still 25 cents each.

The temperature in the fridge outside was 36 degrees. Hopefully, it will behave with all the fluctuations going on. The coconut is all out there.

The things on the line were dry so, after I’d unloaded the car, I got them in. It wasn’t quite as cold as this morning but it was still pretty brisk.

I’d eaten all my bananas but I was hungry. I had some kim chee, then Spinach Soup, Fred’s Mom’s Salad (it’s so nice to be able to get some good mangos again), and half an avocado. It was so ripe, I was afraid it would be brown inside but it was perfect.

For the third night in a row, I’m leaving dishes in the sink. I’ve gotten my comeuppance. One of the women at work had said, “If I want to leave dishes in the sink, I do. Don’t you, Tommie?” I’d proudly said, “I do mine before I go to bed.” Well, I haven’t. I’ll have to confess.

The bed is made up and beckoning but I’m going to have to jump in the shower before I turn in

Good night, and sweet dreams!

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