Praise the Lord, it’s Sabbath!

I actually got up in time to exercise for 20 minutes. Not enough but better than nothing.

Breakfast was 16 ozzies of OJ. I made a three pear/lots of romaine smoothie to take to work with me. I blended the greens first like Shari on the forum said she does, though I didn’t put any water in with them. I put a pear. After that was all pulverized, I put in the rest of the pears and blended them briefly. It was really good. Better than yesterday. Not enough calories but good.

My snack was three Clementines. Lunch was three bananas, sliced with cubed mango and four ozzies of fresh blueberries. I put a squirt of agave on the mix. The bananas weren’t as ripe as I like them but it was a good fruit salad.

There was an emergency this afternoon that cut my staff by one (why does that keep happening?) so I didn’t have time to fix my grapefruit juice. One of the other girls had to leave briefly so I was late getting away from work, too. Not too late to get to the bank, the store, and go by the church to turn on the heat and set the organ up. I checked the bulletin to see what the hymns were and they are simple ones so I didn’t stay in the cold to practice.

When I got home, I had two birthday cards waiting for me–one from my middle “child” and one from my youngest.

I went ahead and fixed my grapefruit juice. They were smaller than the ones I’ve been having so I had three. It was right at 16 ozzies and very tasty. They aren’t pink grapefruit. They are Ruby Reds, I believe.

The young coconut I had was partially frozen. I didn’t eat all the meat. I’m going to take some to a friend at church tomorrow. I’m getting a lot of fairly mature coconut meat in the freezer.

I ate some kim chee and then I had some “chili”. I was going to have some Spinach Soup but I was running out of steam since I haven’t had enough calories today.

I’m going to get to bed earlier than usual tonight. It’s been an intense day.

Good night and happy Sabbath in triplicate!

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