The bad weather only partially materialized.

It got icy here at my house and I was timid about trying to get to work. Turns out I probably could have with no problem but I didn’t attempt it.

I did all of my exercises this morning. Breakfast was a little over a quart of OJ. It was so thick with pulp and membrane that I had to chew every sip.

A little later, I had a couple of peaches. They aren’t bad at all for this time of year. Juicy, with a thick syrupy juice. Then I had a young coconut. I put part of the meat in the freezer. I had some mung bean kim chee and some of the current batch.

I’d had a pineapple in the fridge for several days so I killed it and ate 1/4 of it. It was good but I keep wanting one like my sister-in-law brought over from Hawaii years and years ago.

It seemed a good day to do laundry. With the dryer on the blink, I had to use the laundry rack and lots of hangers. I have five clean pairs of slacks and a dozen tops now so I won’t have to do that again for a week or so.

I fixed a mango/banana/spinach smoothie and it was really good considering the time of year and the quality of mangos that are available.

There are a couple of persimmons in the fridge but I forgot about them. I’ll have them tomorrow.

I had a banana/romaine smoothie. I washed a lot of romaine so I won’t have that to do later.

There were a half dozen tomatoes left in the next to the last box I got so I killed all of them. I had four with Tajin and put the other two in a salad. The salad had lots of romaine, the tomatoes, some onion, and it was dressed with cashew dressing. It tasted good but the romaine was very tough. I couldn’t handle the last little bit.

I belong to freecycle. I’ve never offered or asked for anything. Someone posted that a disabled woman needed a sewing machine. I had one I never use so I e-mailed the person that she could have it. I called and got permission to leave it at the gas station to be picked up. Her boss is going to come by and get it tomorrow. I boxed it up with the attachments and it’s in the car. It will need some work but the woman said her husband can fix it. That’s one less thing cluttering up the house.

There’s an excellent chance that I will get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight! I’ve had a good day and have eaten well (all raw food) (of course).

I bid you all a good night and sweet dreams!

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