It wasn’t quite as cold today.

That doesn’t mean it had really warmed up, though. It’s just under 20 degrees right now and that’s the lowest temperature my thermometer has registered since midnight.

I did most of my exercises but still didn’t have time for the NT and HR.

Breakfast was 20 ozzies of OJ and a smoothie of bananas and romaine that I took to work with me. I drank most of it before I had to go to Managed Care.

My snack was three Clementines and these are the best I’ve had this year. Lunch was another banana/romaine smoothie because I was out of any other kind of greens.

One of the nursing staff (from the nursing home where my friend is) called (what a sentence!) and said she was sick and would I deliver some fruit to the NH if someone brought it to me? I told her I would so here it came. Fortunately, they were half boxes so they were easy to carry. After I carried in the second box, one of the men watching me asked if there were any more. He brought in the last one.

I went to see my friend, briefly, and she had a half dozen Clementines left! She said that she’d had help eating them. I think she did her share, though, and they are good for her. She remarked that she still isn’t convinced that eating raw food is a good way to go. I told her it is for me. She ‘lowed that she didn’t think it should be done longterm. I asked her why I should start eating less nutritious food. Well, she didn’t see how I could keep doing it. People don’t realize how unappetizing cooked food is until they eat only fresh stuff for months on end. She’d asked me once how much I spend on food. I told her I have no idea. I will economize on anything but what I put in my body. That’s the most important thing that I buy and I will buy the best I can afford if I have to go without something else. I can wear clothes from the secondhand store and I drive a car that’s seven years old but I eat well. I don’t want my body to be made from inferior material. People who try to cut corners there end up in the doctors’ offices and hospitals more often than not.

After I left, I went by the cemetery on the way to Wally World. I didn’t get out of the car.

Someone had said the bad weather that’s supposed to come in Thursday is moving more quickly than they’d thought and it can be here tomorrow. I decided that I didn’t want to be caught short so I went food shopping today. The organic romaine was dated today so I asked if it could be marked down. The nice young man went and checked and was very apologetic. No, it couldn’t, but whatever was left would be thrown out tomorrow. Now, wasn’t that a kick in the teeth! I had to buy some because I didn’t have much at home but it irked me to pay full price. I gave him my card and told him the reason I’m picky about my food is because I eat everything uncooked.

When I got back on the mountain, I stopped and got a couple coconut and a half dozen persimmons. I was pretty hungry so, after I got everything inside, I had two persimmons. There aren’t many left. It’s sad.

I wanted something besides a salad so I made Spinach Soup and added half an avocado, diced. It was even better than I remembered it. YUMMY! A little later I had two grapefruit, juiced. Very satisfying.

I’m up late again. It’s all Raw Food Lifestyle Forum’s fault. There are over 2500 posts now with 70-some members. Some of them are under age 13 and have still not gotten in touch with me about being approved. Until they do, I’ll just let them sit out there. They can read everything except for the Members Only category (which isn’t visible unless you’re signed in) and they can’t post. I’d think if they really wanted to be part of the forum, they would make the effort.

And now I’m going to hush and get ready for bed. Good night!

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  1. Terry in the Keys January 31, 2007 at 9:20 pm #

    Hi Tommie,
    I was trying to find out why my e-mail address was showing on posts when I had marked it to not show and I accidently typed in my e-mail address wrong (I had deleted it and then found out that wasn’t the way to keep it from showing)and now I can’t sign in and I can’t find a way to correct the e-mail and it keeps saying I have to receive a confirmation e-mail and I can’t get one at the wrong address. I even tried re-registering and it says someone is already assigned that name (me of course). Please say you can help. Thanks, Terry in the Keys
    PS when I tried sending you an e-mail to the address you used when you sent me an e-mail letting me know that you had a problem with your e-mail address, it comes back that it can’t be sent to prevent spam blogging or something like that.

  2. Tommie February 1, 2007 at 3:25 pm #

    We took care of this last night, didn’t we? 🙂 The e-mail address is hidden to anyone besides you and me if you choose to make it that way. As for my e-mail address, I have a spam blocker on it so you have to respond with the correct letters to get it to go through. That’s to prevent mail from bots. Keep on posting! You’re an asset to the forum!

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