It’s late. I was on the teleconference call for an hour and a half.

And then I got cut off. I don’t know if everyone did or not but it had about wound up.

I was in bed considerably earlier than this last night and got up in time to get all of my necessaries done and do my vision therapy.

Breakfast was about 20 ozzies of OJ. I took a three banana/lots of spinach smoothie to work with me and drank it there. I’d prefer to have my breakfast before I leave home but it doesn’t seem to happen often. I get lots of “YUCK!” and “How can you drink that stuff?” I could say/ask them the same thing but I try to be nice. Sometimes a remark about dead cow bodies or something will pop out, though. My mother used to say that they are making a graveyard of their stomachs. Plus, it’s said that I’m going to turn into a monkey. I’ve heard that you are what you eat and I’d rather be that than a cow. Or a pig or a chicken. I think monkeys are lots cuter than catfish, too.

I had to go to the department head meeting where I learned that our phone system is still down the road. I just hope it isn’t out of sight. We really do need a new one. The one that’s there was installed not too long after the building was built.

I ate my last two edible Clementines for my snack. Lunch was a four banana/blueberry smoothie. I got grilled about why I eat such unnatural food while the speaker ate pieces of dead cow floating in some kind of gravy with cooked to death veggies. There probably wasn’t a vitamin lurking anywhere close by but it had protein! Oh, and there was pea salad awash in mayonnaise with chunks of unrecognizable other things in it. While I was being grilled, I was also informed that I look pale (no makeup) and drawn. In other words, I’m not obese like more and more of the population is getting. I used to be but I’m not any more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–if I wore makeup and weighed 150 pounds (40 pounds less than I used to) no one would think anything about it because I would be normal in their eyes. It’s downright sad that the perception has changed to the point that being overweight and sick is more acceptable than being slim and healthy. I do get tired of people lecturing me about the way I eat. Why can’t they realize that I’m not going to go back to being “normal” just because they think I should? They aren’t going to change the way they eat, so why should I?

Speaking of sad, one of the people on a forum asked awhile back, “What does SAD mean? Sick and Dead?” I may have told this before but I thought it was so apt. It actually stands for the Standard American Diet but I think she may have had something there. People are willing to sacrifice their good health and well-being for taste and texture. And a lot of the taste and texture isn’t even real. It’s manufactured from chemicals that the human body can, in no way, handle. When people end up with cancer, heart problems, and stroke, they wonder why. They are starving because what they are eating are mostly empty calories with little to no nutrition but they keep gaining weight. Or they manage to lose for a few weeks, months, or even years, only to gain it back if they start eating the same way again.

Anyway, I digress. I didn’t get to go exercise with the ladies again. The ones that can do it regularly don’t miss me, I’m sure. I was hoping to today since I didn’t get moving on anything this morning. We are chronically short staffed and I’m having to ignore my work to back up the switchboard and registrations.

I got home and had a young coconut. Part of it was more mature than I like so it made its way into the freezer. I had two persimmons, too. The mung bean kim chee was ready so I put it into a jar and ate what wouldn’t fit. I had four tomatoes with Tajin and was going to eat an avocado but I never got around to it.

When I got online, I had an e-mail from someone I had gotten too specific about in this blog and the person was quite upset. It wasn’t my intention to “out” the party. I doubt that anyone would be interested in finding whoever it was. The people who read my blog are either related to me and are curious about what I’m doing or other people on the raw food diet and look to see what/how I’ve eaten each day. I took the reference to that person out and apologized. One of the sentences in the e-mail was, “I feel that you slhould (sic) get someone’s approval before you plaster it all over the www.” I think I’m being given more credit for popularity than I deserve. I should only hope that I’m all over the WWW. One little blog in several million doesn’t make much of a splash.

While I listened to the teleconference, I washed all the lettuces I have left and it’s in the fridge divided up into salad kind and smoothie kind. I have lots more for smoothies than for salads. I think I’ll make a run to Wally World after work tomorrow and not have to go out on Sunday again. It’s nice to have a whole day at home. That doesn’t happen often for a working girl.

Oh, there was something that happened yesterday that I failed to mention. About a half hour before I was supposed to leave, someone I know who has multiple health problems (that could be most anyone I know so I don’t think the person could be identified from that description) called me to ask if Wal*Mart has good juicers. Well, I doubt it but I said that it was possible though I don’t juice. This person wants to try juicing as a last ditch effort in trying to find good health. I don’t know. It might work. We’re all gonna die someday but I want to feel as good as I can until I get there. I said that I don’t juice but I do blend because that keeps all the components in the food. I don’t know that there are any disposable parts except for peelings, etc. I was questioned about a diet to lower cholesterol. I’ve looked on the Internet for such but most just say to eat lots of fruit and veggies. The ones that go into more detail usually cost something. Eating lots of fruit and veggies should be simple enough but, sadly, people don’t know how to do that any more. They have to gunk them up with sauces and gravies and turn them into something that isn’t remotely good for them. I’ll have to admit they taste good but sacrificing one’s self for taste is suicide. Besides, there is nothing better than a good ripe summertime mango!

The forum is up to 62 members (three are underage and haven’t sent me anything to let me know they have parental permission) and there are over 2,000 posts. The ones that post are having a rollicking good time! Oh, that reminds me, if you like a funny story, you should read this one.

It’s after 11 and I’ve been on my soapbox more than I haven’t tonight. Good night and sleep well.

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  1. Opal January 29, 2007 at 8:14 am #

    Perhaps people are threatened with the fact that you lost so much weight. they want to blame it on “sickness”. Twisted I know but it ight make them feel better about their own weight. I’ve seen pictures of you and I think you look fabulous.

    If I don’t get enough rest my body does tell me a lot quicker than it used to in my cooked days. People usually think I’m a lot younger than 36 but I’ll be quick to admit I can always look at my body now and tell when I need to take it easy. At times it can be hard to slow down. 🙂

    Yesterday one of my cousins had an event at her house. I call them food orgies. I didn’t go. Why? The way I eat is always a hot topic (with a few select relatives) and I grow weary of “defending” the way I eat. I’ve come to bond with family. It’s not worth it. I only have two family members like that (mother and daughter) who both have more than their share of illnesses.

  2. Tommie January 29, 2007 at 9:47 pm #

    You see pictures. I see lines on my face in the mirror that weren’t there before I started “burning the candle at both ends”.

    Dr. D. talks about nicely telling people he prefers not to discuss the way he eats but I don’t remember right off what he said. Do you? I need a reminder. 🙂

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