This is an update on several things.

I know I don’t usually do this in the daytime but I’m so distracted by the forum problem that I can’t concentrate on much of anything else. All I can do now is wait and I’m not good at doing that. Even when I’m listening to the Sabbath School lesson discussion on PineKnoll, I have to be doing something else. My mother used to get aggravated at me and say, “Do you ALWAYS have to be doing something?” Well, yes. It isn’t necessarily something that needs to be done or something that accomplishes anything. Then, when I when hypothyroid, I was content to veg out. I had exactly zero energy and was happy to just sit. Usually, I didn’t even want to read. Now I’m back to my antsy self and that can be good at times and bad at others.

My comment about the discussion reminded me that I hadn’t listened to it this morning so I took a break and did just that. I have a rack for my shoes just about ready to go over my door. That’s what I did while I listened. I have the speakers plugged into my computer and gmail up so, if my SIL alerts me via chat, I’ll hear it. And I’m off to finish the rack! It’s done and on the back of my bedroom door. It’s kind of an awkward place to have it. I’ll put it on the inside of the closet door when I get it cleaned out. That’s one of my next projects.

Guess I should go back to yesterday. I slept until I woke up (surprise!). It was a leisurely morning, getting ready for church. I drank a quart of OJ. The oranges aren’t as good as the 64s but they’re good. The smaller ones have lots of seeds, though, and that makes them a pain. I don’t have time to pick seeds out but I don’t want to dump the pulp. When my nephew was small, he didn’t like “that old pop” but I do!

I moved so leisurely that I ran out of time so the OJ was it for breakfast.

When I got home from church, I parked the car in the sun and basked for 10 minutes while I listened to most of the rest of an interview with Phil Vischer. It was interesting.

Once inside the house, I had some kim chee. I checked what I have sitting and made sure it was covered with liquid. I sampled the bean sprout kim chee and put a little chili powder mix in it. Not the hot stuff! That is lethal!

After that, I had a young coconut. I’d gotten some persimmons out of the fridge on the way in so I had one. I noticed that another one was splitting so I put it in the fridge to keep the fruit flies from having something to eat.

Sabbath is kind of short on food because, unless I have something fixed ahead, it gets too late too quickly. I had three tomatoes with Tajin and then made a batch of broccoli/cauliflower slaw with cashew mayo made with walnuts. (Is that confusing enough?) While the flavors were blending, I made and ate a salad of romaine, red butterhead, mixed herb salad, cucumber, tomato, dressed with lime juice. It was my last lime but I got a dozen lemons at the roadside stand for $3 and she threw in a couple extra. I’m down to just one or two from the packing material ones. Then I had some of the slaw. Not a banana all day and very few greens. Not optimal intake.

It was sundown by then, so I started working on trying to get a different set of smileys on the forum and that’s when the disaster happened. I had been chatting with my SIL and he couldn’t remember what to do and told me to go to the support forum and read. I couldn’t find a whole lot of help and decided I would do what I could and then go to bed. WELL. I should have let it be. That’s when I started hyperventilating (not literally) and screaming for help. It’s in process now, I trust, and will be back up soon.

UPDATE: It’s almost 1 o’clock and I just chatted with my SIL. I hadn’t bothered him today, except through a chat with my daughter so I thought I was doing pretty well. He said that, unless it’s a system failure, user restore is pretty low priority with the support people. It’s high priority with me but that doesn’t count. This will teach me not only to back the forum up regularly but to be patient.

Later, y’all!

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