Raw Food Lifestyle lives!

I am indebted to my SIL and the support people for getting the forum restored this afternoon. I was in front of the TV, drinking a smoothie, when CallWave alerted me. When I came in to look at the computer, there was also a message on gmail chat and an e-mail letting me know it was back up. I didn’t get a whole lot done today except for hoping and praying and the shoe rack.

I woke pretty early, covered up my head, and went back to sleep. I’d slept well last night, in spite of the near demise of Raw Food Lifestyle. I got up one minute before 8 am. I did all of my exercises and was able to hold my pushup for a full minute.

My meals weren’t really meals except for breakfast. I had a quart of OJ. I didn’t eat anything else until after I visited with my daughter. That was probably 2 pm. She kept reassuring me that everything was going to be okay. And it is. Even though 36 hours’ worth of posting is gone, there are more topics than there were and almost as many posts.

After we signed off, I had the rest of a honeydew that I’d partially eaten the other day. Then I fixed about 24 ozzies of grapefruit juice and drank it. A couple of the kiwifruit that were ready got killed and eaten. I had the aforementioned smoothie (five bananas and lots of red butterhead lettuce).

With the forum back up, I had to check it and send out a notice. It was time for some tomatoes. I fixed four and ate them with no salt/no Tajin! To celebrate the Restoration, I had a pod of durian. It smelled wonderful and had a good durian taste but it wasn’t very sweet. I’m still spoiled by the first one.

That’s all the food I can remember eating today. It was all raw and all delicious. And very nutritious. Probably not enough but it was a strange day.

Good night!

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