It’s going on 11 o’clock.

I was in bed at 9:03 last night. At 9:07 I noticed I’d left the light on outside and had to get up and turn it off. All of my water and OJ kept me awake a lot, running to the bathroom. Guess I won’t do that again for awhile.

I got up and did my vision therapy this morning. I was supposed to be in class but I couldn’t get myself in gear to get there. This was the last session and was supposed to be in a forum format.

Since my supply of oranges is getting low (I have a half dozen) I elected to have grapefruit juice instead. I ended up with 24 ozzies from three grapefruit.

I fixed a five smallish banana/one large pear (my last one)/spinach smoothie and took it to work with me.

My snack was four kiwi. I had a sore tongue when I got through. Lunch was a five smallish banana/huge amount of romaine smoothie. After that, I had three Clementines.

I had to get fuel this afternoon. It was cold and I hated for my service station person to be out in it and fill up the car but my light was coming on. I asked him how much the tires were and he said I could take my time paying for them. That didn’t answer me, but I’ll pay him next week. He wanted to know how I like them. I said that they ride rougher than the others I had. He’s going to take some of the air out when the weather gets warmer so they’ll ride better.

When I got home, I had a coconut, two tomatoes with Tajin, and a huge salad of romaine, cucumber, red onion, avocado, tomato, and lime juice with a sprinkle of sea salt.

I’ve been riding herd on the forum. It’s getting to be a job. There are 54 members and only part of them are active but they are VERY ACTIVE. It would be impossible for me to read each and every post so I hit the ones I know I might need to respond to.

So, now I’m headed for the Land of Nod. Good night!

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