This raw foodist person is going to bed soon.

I was up until almost midnight last night. Much too late! I got up in time to do my full exercise routine but I spilled water all over one of the counters in my kitchen which slowed me down considerably. I soaked it up with some cloths my daughter and SIL gave me for Christmas (among other things) and they did a great job! I had to do an improptu mopping of part of the floor, too. I ended up getting in all of my exercises except for the NT & HR.

I fasted today so I can get a reasonably close idea as far as my true weight is concerned tomorrow. Wednesday has been designated as a weighin day for the members on the forum that want to participate. I drank lots of water and most of it had lemon in it. I probably had more than a gallon. Maybe not that much but I didn’t measure it, either.

By the time I got home, I was pretty starved so I squeezed a quart of OJ and drank it very slowly. I savored every drop.

That’s it for today. I was going to exercise with the ladies this afternoon but I didn’t feel inclined to do it when the time came. It was too cold to walk outside. It’s been spittin’ snow off and on all day.

Have a wonderful evening, y’all! It’s a little after 8 and I’m hitting the hay soon. I’ve been doing some maintenance on the forum and I’m done. For now. 8)

Good night!

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