I’m pushing it again and that’s not good.

I was going to try my best to get to bed at least close to on time tonight but it hasn’t happened.

I did my vision therapy this morning. I was amazed that my vision comes back so easily.

Breakfast was OJ. I took the ingredients for my breakfast smoothie to work–five bananas and spinach. I also took two persimmons and two pears that I brought home. I ate five bananas for lunch.

I stopped by the service station on the way home and finalized arrangements for new tires. I’ve had to pay car insurance (it went up but not much), homeowners, and my property tax is due next month. Whew!

When I went to pay my homeowners today, the agent exclaimed that it looked like I’ve lost weight. Well, yes! She asked how and I told her I eat raw food. Then I saw a woman I’ve known for years (well, I’ve known the insurance agent for years, too) and she said the same thing. And I told her the same thing when she asked for my secret. Raw food.

My blue jeans fit like bloomers. I always get relaxed fit out of habit so I went shopping for new jeans this evening. I tried on some size 4 and they would have been fine if I were 16 but I’m not any more so I went back to a 6. They fit loosely but not baggy. We’re having casual Fridays all this month to raise money for a scholarship in honor of a deceased co-worker and I’ll have some jeans that look decent!

Since I hadn’t been to the organic market lately, I went to Wally World and got a good assortment of greens–all organic. I needed cucumbers, parsley, and cilantro, too, but I walked off without them.

Twinkle didn’t meet me at the door as usual. I was looking around for her and finally heard her meowing. She’d been shut up in the spare room all day. I’d been in there for something before I left for work (obviously) and didn’t know she’d followed me. I sniffed around some and didn’t smell anything but I’m sure I’ll find something when I have time. I’m not going to search tonight. She was ravenously hungry and polished off her beef/salmon nuggets with no problem. I hope that taught her not to go in there after this. She probably will and I’ll have to chase her out.

I didn’t have time for coconut when I got home. I had three Clementines which weren’t as good as what I’ve been getting. Then I had a large salad with romaine, red leaf, tomato, red onion, and about half a small avocado. I dressed it with the juice of a lime and NO SALT! I was a little over 117 this morning. We’ll see what it is tomorrow.

And now I’m going to bed. Good night.

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