It was Monday all day long.

I’m sleepy. It’s a good chance that it’s because I got to bed late last night and got up early this morning. It was early enough to do all of my exercise routine. Even the NT and HR. I fiddled around and tried to stretch it out so I wouldn’t have time but it didn’t work so I bit the bullet.

Breakfast was 20 or so ozzies of OJ. I didn’t have time to drink it all before I left the house so I put it in a mug and carried it out with my Awesome Rawsome tote and my purse. I had three pairs of slacks I was taking to the administrative secretary (size 10s I can’t wear any more), four bananas, two white sapote, three Clementines, lots of romaine, and my breakfast smoothie of four bananas and lots of spinach. When I was trying to lock the door, I spilled OJ on my tote. I figured it had to be christened sometime but I didn’t want stains on it, either. When I got to work, I got a wet washcloth and it wiped right off. Whew!

Just had to go to the living room and see what was going on with “The Secret Life of…” Seems it’s about diets that don’t incorporate meat. I went back to the beginning and am recording it. It showed a raw restaurant but nothing was said at that time. It will be interesting to watch. I’ll do that some other time. I need to get this done now and GO TO BED!

Since I’ve already enumerated what I took to work with me, I’ll just say that the only thing that came home was one of the white sapotes.

You never know who is looking over your shoulder as in reading my blog. The person I’m backing up this week (going to the bank and PO) asked me, “What is kim chee?” I explained and didn’t think anything about it. She casually mentioned she’d been reading my blog and wanted to know about the fruit fly problem. Well, you could have knocked me over with a gnat! I told her they are down to a very few and I pretty much have them under control. That was before I moved the Gizmo my granddaughter gave me for Christmas tonight and found where they’ve been hiding. I don’t know what was under there but they were all dead. I cleaned it up and disposed of the bodies. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. She and several other people are on Weight Watchers and she has great hopes for losing. I hope she can. I wouldn’t have the patience to eat on the point system. I like to eat what I want and as much as I want. And with raw vegan, I can. One of the girls in my office is on WW and she has lost a good amount. By today’s standards, she is almost slim. Something that was pointed out on the program about obesity last night is that being overweight is being accepted by today’s society more and more. I’ve maintained that all along. That’s the only reason people think I’ve lost too much. I was 118 pounds this morning but that would have been more the norm for someone my age when I was a teenager.

Back to blogging. I stopped and had the gas tank topped off and talked to the owner about tires. He can have what I want in by the end of the week. I wouldn’t want to have them put on Friday because I have plans but he could put them on Monday. He agreed that I could probably get more miles out of them but I don’t want to drive in rain much any more until I have good tires that will grip the road through the water.

When I got home, I got some persimmons and brought them to the house. I dropped one twice and ate it to put it out of its misery. Then I had a young coconut and the aforementioned kim chee. I mixed up a batch of salsa with cucumber and a whole large avocado! And I put some sea salt in it. Very bad.

I was going to iron my clothes tonight but they still aren’t dry. One pair of slacks was so I ironed them and a top to wear with them tomorrow. Maybe I can get ‘er done tomorrow night.

I bagged venison for Twinkle and they shorted me a medallion. And I came out even on the bags again. I had two more and laid them aside or I would have had too many.

I’ve had a tall glass of OJ and then some.

The forum is up to 29 members. I set up an account so I can see what it looks like to someone who isn’t an administrator so one of those is me. It doesn’t count me as an administrator or my SIL, though. I recognize some of the names/e-mail addresses and it’s exciting. I do wish people would post more. Lurkers are fine but participants are super-fine.

Good night!

3 Responses to It was Monday all day long.

  1. Opal January 9, 2007 at 9:37 am #

    Yeah! I found your new location. It’s nice catching up with your raw journey you are such an inspiration. I’m currently trying to up my fat intake. I’m adding more advocados into my routine. I tend to stay away from nuts they make me sleeply almost instantly.
    Do you feed twinkle raw foods?

  2. Opal January 9, 2007 at 9:39 am #

    I love the tee’s I usually wear vegan shirts when I work out. It’s quite a conversation piece and lets people know that you can be muscular and Vegan. I’ve been looking for raw tees that I actually like so I’ll be checking out the ones you have. I like the baby tees.

  3. Tommie January 9, 2007 at 9:49 pm #

    Hey, Opal! Have you checked out my new forum yet? There’s a lot of activity but we need you, too! The link is under “Links” (that’s logical, right?). Glad you “found” me. I tried to get my blogspot address back with no success. I wanted to be able to point from it to this one.

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