It’s 10 o’clock and I’m not even close…

Well, I’m going to blow it tonight. I won’t get to bed on time again. My own fault. I can’t blame Twinkle.

I slept really well last night. I got up and had a leisurely morning. No push to exercise or do anything that’s in my weekday routine. It’s so restful to have Sabbath to shift gears.

Breakfast was OJ and lots of it. I didn’t get my smoothie in time to get it all down before I left so I finished it on the way to church. It was four bananas and a full bag of green curly leaf lettuce with some red thrown in.

My abundance of juicy foods made me have to get up from the organ and go to the bathroom during the children’s story. Not the first time but it’s a little embarrassing to have to parade from the front of the church all the way to the back and out into the foyer with everyone knowing where I’m going.

The pastor made it to church earlier than usual. He pastors two churches and travels between the two on the first and fourth Sabbaths of the month. Mercifully, his second church has been changed from an hour away to half an hour away. He was visibly relieved. It just so happens his second church is the Seventh-day Adventist Church I was born into.

When I got home, I called my nursing home friend. She was in the middle of something so I told her I’d call her back. I had a young coconut and some kim chee. I tried the batch I’m trying to salvage and it just might work. When I got through that, I called her again. We talked for quite awhile. I ate three kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberries) while we were on the phone.

I’d checked the forum this morning and when I got home. The membership is growing! I’m going to add another area tomorrow that won’t be visible to guests. It will be for people who want to recycle fat. If you lose something, you want to find it. You don’t want to find weight so it will be recycled. Anyway, it will be a support group for people who are undertall. They can have their own before and during pictures.

I’ve done some tweaking and have added some features. Some of them are only available to members. Guests can still see a lot, though.

After my phone visit, my son called to find out if my sister and her husband had made it back from Colorado okay. He said his wife was concerned but I have an idea he was, too. I guess I failed to put it on my blog that they did the last 700 miles on Thursday and are back safe and sound at home. I think it was a more eventful trip than they wanted.

I’ve gotten into posting on the forum again. I’ll have to stop that for the night so I can eventually get some sleep. My SIL has been putting in some time as guru on Raw Food Lifestyle a.k.a. The Forum. He may think he’s created a monster by helping me get all this stuff on my own domain. Or maybe I am a monster.

I had a couple of really good tomatoes. Then I blended up half a recipe of Cashew Mayo and had some with cucumber and celery. A little later, I had a huge amount of grapefruit juice from three grapefruit and I’m through. Not enough calories. I need to start preparing something for Sabbath on Friday so I’ll have food to eat even if I don’t have time to fix it. Oh, I did have some garlic lemonade. I’d started coughing again. I overdid it on the garlic. The cloves were small so I used two. It’s true that the smaller ones are stronger.

And now I’m going to stop this and go to bed. I’ll have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and I hope to get to it early.

Good night!

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