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I’m going to get to bed later than I’d hoped tonight.

I slept well last night and got up in time to do 20 minutes of BodyFlex. Breakfast was about 20 ozzies of OJ. I had planned on a full quart and more but I was running late. I fixed an almost-quart of four bananas/lots of greens smoothie and took it to work. I put everything including my lunch, in my Awesome Rawsome tote and it sure makes life easier! I used to juggle a little insulated lunch box, my purse, my quart of smoothie, and whatever else I might have and now it all goes in the tote except for my purse. I might even be able to get my purse in there but then I wouldn’t be balanced. 🙂

It was a rainy day but warm–and I mean warm. It got up to 66 degrees in the valley and it’s 50 now. Out here on the mountain, it’s 46 and it’s January! I would have liked to be able to walk but whenever I was outside, I seemed to attract a shower.

My snack was three Clementines. Lunch was a five small banana/lots of greens smoothie and two persimmons. Someone thought they were very overripe tomatoes, as usual. While I was eating/drinking, someone called me from the nurse’s station and told me the lady was there with my produce. ?? I went out and there was my supplier! Sounds like I’m on drugs or something, doesn’t it? Anyway, she and her husband were coming through the valley and figured they’d drop the oranges and tomatoes off and save me a stop. I appreciated it but I had planned to get some grapefruit, too. They went ahead and put what they had in my car.

Twinkle’s food came in. This time, I drove around to Receiving and picked it up. That kept me from having to haul it to the car. It was heavy.

I offered to take the mail to the post office this afternoon. I wasn’t just being nice even though the person who usually takes it was overwhelmed and appreciated the help. That would put me to leaving a little early and I needed the time. I stopped at the supermarket and got a few things, then went on a got my grapefruit.

I pulled into the driveway 20 minutes before sundown. I was unloaded in just a few minutes. I’d done the housework last night and got my clothes ready for Sabbath so the house is presentable and I will be, too. None of the bags of Twinkle’s food had burst and they were still frozen hard. All I had to do was unload the cooler and put everything in the freezer.

One of my friends from work called and needed computer support. I walked her through what I could and I hope she was able to get everything working. I haven’t heard from her yet.

I juiced the last four oranges from the older box and it made about a pint. Then I had two tomatoes with Tajin. The tomatoes are nice, firm, and juicy. ALMOST good as summer tomatoes. Lots better than the last ones I had. I took the ones that weren’t so good to my neighbor plus I gave him two of the newest ones, too. The not so good ones would be okay for cooking but I don’t cook any more. DID YOU KNOW THAT?? 🙄

The kim chee is eight days old today. I checked on it and tasted it and it is the hottest yet! Far too much ginger! and too much hot pepper! I drained it, put more water and a sprinkle of salt. Sometimes sugar can cut heat so I put in some agave nectar. I’ve stirred it up and put it back under wraps. I may have to give in and give this batch the old heave-ho. I hate to, but it isn’t edible the way it is. I’m not a glutton for punishment. My stomach didn’t feel so good after I ate some of it so I had a small avocado and that helped. My Produce Lady had given me some poncans so I had one of them, too. It had lots of seeds and was very juicy but it didn’t have a whole lot of flavor.

It was so warm, I didn’t go by and turn the heat on in the church. I hope a cold front doesn’t come through in the night. I’ll have to be there on time tomorrow because I’ll be the organist for sure.

There are 14 members on the forum including my SIL forum guru and me. Get over there and register! It’s lots more fun when you can participate.

And in the meantime, have a happy and blessed Sabbath!

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