I’m coughing tonight. That might be a good sign.

I called in sick this morning. I’ve been up all day but I haven’t done a lot. I still need to wash dishes and take a quick shower. I sweated quite a bit last night so I washed my sheets today and hung them on the line–and I refuse to go to bed cruddy. I’ll have to make this quick.

I weighed in at 113. That was probably the result of No Salt.

Today was vision therapy day but I didn’t do it or any of my exercises. I rested.

I’ve had a good amount of water today plus about a quart and a half of OJ (I mixed the last squeezing with pink grapefruit juice), two persimmons, two kiwifruit, a young coconut, a large pear, three tomatoes with Tajin (they didn’t taste good to me so I pitched the last half cup or so), and some kim chee. Oh, I made some Pina Colada Pudding, too. I’ll post the recipe later. Here’s a picture of it:

Pina Colada Pudding

It was pretty good. I think I’ll like it even more if I eat it when I feel better. I can taste my food but there are just so many things I don’t want. Raw or otherwise. I never want the cooked, though.

Well, the clock is striking 10 o’clock and I need to get on to making things tidy and clean myself up. Good night!

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