Eating raw food is making waves?

That’s what Roger told me on my section of the forum. He said it’s the Butterfly Effect.

I got up in plenty of time to make it to church on time after a breakfast of OJ (24+ ozzies) and a four small banana smoothie.

When I’m not scheduled to play, I generally go in a little late so the organist won’t feel intimidated by my being there. Problem is, the organist who was scheduled didn’t show up. Since there was someone playing the piano, the congregation wasn’t completely without accompaniment. I did play for the second song service and church. Which brought about an embarrassing moment. The guest speaker was a young man who speaks very softly. He was giving the invocation and I was straining to hear. He paused for a very long time and I thought he must be through so I started in on the intro to the Doxology. Just as I struck the first chord, I heard him start in again. Too late. I forged ahead. I apologized after the service was over. He essentially said he’d frozen and couldn’t think of anything to say and it was a relief that I had come in when I did.

I went straight to the nursing home after church. My friend was dressed in a beautiful black outfit trimmed with leopard fabric. She looked very smart. Turns out she wasn’t feeling so good. She’d taken her meds on a mostly empty stomach and it had caused an upset. On top of that, last night she’d been unable to sleep much. I didn’t stay terribly long. I visited with a couple of the nursing staff on the way out. One of the men had been at church and was surprised to see me. I told him I hadn’t stopped to eat.

When I got to the house, I had a smoothie of the rest of the sapote I’d forgotten yesterday, three large bananas, and a lot of greens. Then I had some kim chee.

I sat down for a little while and promptly nodded off. That’s not something I do often. I finally got up and lay down for something like an hour. I didn’t really go to sleep but I dozed.

I got up and had a young coconut. It was younger than the one I had yesterday but still more mature than usual. After that, I had a couple of persimmons. I had two tomatoes with some Tajin. Then I made a small salad of romaine, red leaf, and green curly leaf lettuce, plus a tomato, a large chunk of cucumber, dressed with lime juice. I had to make myself get it all down. My days of working on the house and not taking time to eat has caused me to lose my capacity to hold a lot of food. I’m going to have deal with that.

Tomorrow is my next to the last day at home. There’s a little shopping to do but I won’t go any farther than Wally World.

Today was overcast and cool. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer but rainy with possible storms. I’d like to get some time in the sun but it looks like it may not work out.

My few dishes are done and the fruit flies/gnats are staying pretty much under control. I hope I can keep it that way when I’m not here all day to battle them.

In the meantime, I need to get to bed so I will bid each and all of you a good night.

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