Hip, hip hoo-raw! I’ve eaten too much food today.

I did get up and exercise this morning. That’s something in my favor. I even did the NT and HR.

Breakfast was lots of OJ. I started in on getting a batch of kim chee ready. There was a lot of waste to the cabbage because I’d put it off so long. I used some baby bok choy, too. I went ahead and got the rest of the veggies ready so it wouldn’t take so long tonight. Then I had a coconut and four–count ’em, FOUR persimmons. They aren’t the little measly ones you see in the store, either. They are the ones that probably weigh close to three ounces or so each. Maybe four. I haven’t weighed them but people mistake them for tomatoes.

I was well-satisfied for some time. My next food was a four banana/one mango (pretty sad)/red Boston-type lettuce smoothie. It came up to the one quart mark on my blender.

I’ve had a relaxed-type day today. I did a little (very little) vacuuming. Plus I took a bubble bath (hard work but somebody had to do it). I did clean out the fridge some and I went and got several bags of greens out of the other one. I washed all of them and put them in bags ready to use.

The next installment on my food was what the man at the Asian market called a sapote. It’s syrupy sweet and a little grainy so I saved most of it to put in a smoothie tomorrow. I ate about 1/4 of it.

I made a bowl of salsa and ate it while I watched the news. Then I made a big salad and put the rest of Matt’s Dip/dressing on it. My eyes were bigger than my stomach. I couldn’t eat all of it and it was so rich that I felt icky. I fixed some OJ to cut the fat and felt better.

Since I don’t log my food on FitDay as a general rule, I was curious about my calories/fat/protein/carbs today. I went in and put everything down (except for the incidentals like parsley, cilantro, etc.) and came up with 1800 calories, 13% fat, 7% protein, and 80% carbs. It was neat to see that I’m able to stay pretty much on target without monitoring it.

I mixed the rest of the stuff into the cabbage a little while ago. I didn’t use too much of the chili powder. The fact that it’s double bagged is an indication of how hot it is. I figured I can add more later if I need to but I surely can’t take it out.

It’s not even 9:30 yet but the nuts have made me sleepy so I’m going to go on to bed.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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